December 15-20 | Bellagio | Las Vegas, Nevada
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Jared Jaffee Leads Final 78 at Bellagio

09:13 PM, 12/17/14

DraftKings Qualifiers Still in the Hunt

07:54 PM, 12/17/14

Sean Winter Eliminated by Chip Leader Jared Jaffee

07:00 PM, 12/17/14

DraftKings Qualifiers Still in the Hunt

03:06 PM, 12/17/14

Special Hublot Party at Hyde Bellagio Tonight at 8 pm

02:24 PM, 12/17/14

Official Prizepool: $5,684,200

01:15 PM, 12/17/14

WPT Players Party, hosted by DraftKings & Skrill

01:07 PM, 12/17/14

DraftKings Wants to Send You to WPT Borgata

12:34 PM, 12/17/14

WPT Players Summit Tonight at 8:30 pm

08:09 PM, 12/16/14

WPTDeepStacks Announces Season 2 Schedule

08:02 PM, 12/16/14

Meet the Qualifier: Dan Jiacopello (partypoker)

07:58 PM, 12/16/14

BLUFF.com WPT Ones to Watch: Jose Serratos

07:12 PM, 12/16/14

ClubWPT Qualifier Brian Benedict Eliminated

05:57 PM, 12/16/14

Daniel Negreanu's Wild Ride in Level 8

05:20 PM, 12/16/14

Krpan Hits a Royal to Win a Royal Caribbean International Cruise

05:18 PM, 12/16/14

Cimpan Hits a Royal to Win a Royal Caribbean Cruise

04:34 PM, 12/16/14

partypoker’s Garden State Super Series II in New Jersey

03:51 PM, 12/16/14

RFG Bounty Tourney Starts at 9 pm ET on ClubWPT

02:57 PM, 12/16/14

ClubWPT Qualifier Brian Benedict Holds His Own

02:18 PM, 12/16/14

Daniel Negreanu Triples Up His Short Stack

01:44 PM, 12/16/14

DraftKings/Skrill WPT Players Party Last Night

12:43 PM, 12/16/14

Justin Young Finishes Day 1 on Top with 146,200

09:22 PM, 12/15/14

WPT Players Summit Tomorrow Night at 8:30 pm

09:01 PM, 12/15/14

WPT Players Party After Play Ends Tonight

08:58 PM, 12/15/14

Bryan Micon Is One of 13 DraftKings Qualifiers

08:36 PM, 12/15/14

partypoker's Garden State Super Series II in New Jersey

07:57 PM, 12/15/14

Keven Stammen Eliminated by Kathy Liebert

04:34 PM, 12/15/14

Royal Caribbean International Royal Flush Bonus

03:24 PM, 12/15/14

Day 1 Wisdom From Actress Jennifer Tilly

03:18 PM, 12/15/14

ClubWPT.com Qualifier Brian Benedict

02:37 PM, 12/15/14

Get Your Buy-in Back From Skrill

02:02 PM, 12/15/14

Wear an Ugly Sweater, Win Monster Headphones

01:30 PM, 12/15/14

Shuffle Up & Deal w/ DraftKings CEO Jason Robins

12:59 PM, 12/15/14

Meet the Season XIII WPT Ones to Watch

12:40 PM, 12/15/14

Welcome Back to Bellagio

11:46 AM, 12/15/14

Live Tournament Updates

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Day 4: Shuffle Up & Deal!

Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

The final 78 players are seated and ready to go, so it's time to shuffle up and deal!

Action resumes in Level 16, with blinds at 2,000-4,000 and a 500 ante. The field will play five 90-minutes level today, with action continuing until the end of Level 20 (about 8:45 pm PT).

The final 54 players will finish in the money, guaranteed at least $22,737.

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12:05 PM, 12/18/14

Day 4 Set To Begin With Jared Jaffee Leading

Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Welcome to Day 4 coverage of the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic.

Of the 586 entries, only 78 players remain with hopes of getting their name engraved on the WPT Champions Cup, as well as capturing the first-place prize of $1,477,890.

Leading the way into Day 4 is Champions Club member Jared Jaffee with 768,000. He is followed by Chane Kampanatsanyakorn (584,500), Ralph Thomas (582,000), Champions Club member Keven Stammen (533,500) and rounding out the top five is Aaron Massey (463,000).

The plan for Day 4 is to play another five 90-minute levels, which should whittle the field down to about 30 players, perhaps even the final three tables. Of the remaining 78 players, only 54 will make the money. A min cash is worth $22,737, but these players have their eyes set on that first-place prize.

Play will begin at noon local time, about half an hour from now, so be sure to keep it here throughout the day for live updates on all of the exciting action!  

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11:24 AM, 12/18/14

Jared Jaffee Leads Final 78 at Bellagio

Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Jared Jaffee
Day 3 of the Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic began with the announcement that someone will be taking home $1,477,890 and etching their name on the Champion's Cup come Saturday at the final table. With 586 total entries and a prize pool of $5,684,200, there is plenty of money up for grabs and plenty of huge names and a couple of Cinderella satellite stories in the hunt for a piece of the payday.

Of the 78 players who survived day 3, 54 will earn a payday of at least $22,737, with the winner taking home seven figures.

The current chip leader is well aware of what it takes to win a WPT title. Last season's bestbet Jacksonville Fall Scramble winner, Jared Jaffee, is in pole position heading into Day 4 with a monstrous stack of 768,000. At a table stacked with some tough competition like Cliff Josephy, Ryan Julius, Isaac Baron, and Kevin Eyster, Jaffee collected pot after pot to climb to the top, then jumped wayout front when he won a crucial coin flip to bust Sean Winter.

Two other players who know what it takes to win this tournament, in particular, are back in action tomorrow too. Antonio Esfandiari, who won this event in Seaon IX and final tabled it an astonishing three times, survived the day, but is below average with 69,500. Season III Five Diamond Champ Daniel Negreanu, on the other hand, is in much better shape, finishing the day with 246,000.

One Five Diamond winner who did not survive today was reigning champ Dan Smith, who came in with a short stack and exited early, but plans on playing the $100,000 WPT Alpha8 event when it gets underway tomorrow.

Smith was one of many players who exited over the course of the day, including past Five Diamond winner Joe Hachem, Ryan Riess, Jason Somerville, JC Tran, Faraz Jaka, Yevgeniy Timoshenko, Scott Clements, Brian Rast, and David Benyamine.

The 78 Day 3 survivors return to the Bellagio Poker Room Thursday at 12pm for another day of action, including the money bubble. The list of big names with big stacks is impressive and includes reigning WPT World Champion Keven Stammen (533,500), Kathy Liebert (388,500), and Will Failla (292,500).

Garrett Greer is another big stack who is very much proving he deserves to be a BLUFF.com WPT Ones to Watch, as he bagged up 386,500.

Finaly, it is worth noting that two of the 13 DraftKings qualifiers into this event are still in the hunt for a big payday. Known poker player Brandon Adams is sitting on 363,500, while Neval Gupta bagged up 170,000.

Here is a look at the top five heading into tomorrow:

1. Jared Jaffee - 768,000
2. Chane Kampanatsanyakorn - 584,500
3. Ralph Thomas - 582,000
4. Keven Stammen - 533,500
5. Aaron Massey - 463,000

Click here for the Day 4 seat draw.

Photos by Joe Giron

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09:13 PM, 12/17/14

Jimmy Tran Doubles Thru Fabian Quoss

Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Fabian Quoss raises from middle position to 7,500, the hijack reraises to 18,500, and Jimmy Tran moves all in from the small blind for 75,500. Quoss tanks for a while before he moves all in over the top for about 165,000, and the hijack folds.

Tran turns over AdiamondAheart, and he needs it to hold to stay alive against the AspadeQdiamond of Quoss.

The board comes Jdiamond5diamond3diamond10diamondQclub, and the pocket aces hold up for Tran to win the pot and double up in chips.

Jimmy Tran  -  177,000  (44 bb)
Fabian Quoss  -  90,000  (30 bb)

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08:59 PM, 12/17/14

Larry Greenberg Eliminated By Ralph Thomas

Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

With the board reading Aheart6spade2clubJclub, Larry Greenberg gets his stack of about 140,000 into the middle with 2diamond2club and runs into the 6heart6club held by Raplh Thomas. The 5heart river is no help to Greenberg, giving Thomas the sizable pot.

Ralph Thomas - 630,000 (210 bb)
Larry Greenberg - Eliminated

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08:47 PM, 12/17/14

Sunny Patel Doubles Up

Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

Sunny Patel moves all in UTG+1 for about 30,000, and the big blind calls with Adiamond7spade. Patel turns over 10heart10spade, and he needs it to hold to stay alive.

The board comes Qheart10diamond9diamond2diamond3heart, and the pocket tens hold up for Patel to win the pot and double up in chips.

Sunny Patel  -  60,000  (20 bb)

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08:40 PM, 12/17/14

Six More Hands

Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

The clock has been paused with 14 minutes remaining in the level, and a card has been drawn from the deck. It's a six, so each table will play that many hands before bagging and tagging for the night.

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08:35 PM, 12/17/14

Faraz Jaka Eliminated by Rene Angelil

Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

With the board reading AclubQheart5heart, Rene Angelil bets 6,000 from under the gun. Faraz Jaka raises all in on the button and Angelil gives it some thought before he asks for a count. After it is revealed that the all-in amount is 104,000, Angelil tanks a bit more before he calls with AspadeAheart for a set of aces.

Jaka trails with 5diamond5club for a set of fives and finds no help from the 2club turn nor the 6spade river.

Rene Angelil - 365,000 (121 bb)
Faraz Jaka - Eliminated

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08:33 PM, 12/17/14

Justin Young Doubles Thru Sunny Patel

Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

In a battle of the blinds, Justin Young (big blind) is all in for 61,000 with KdiamondJclub against Sunny Patel (small blind) with QspadeJspade.

The board runs out Jdiamond7heart4spade5diamond7diamond, securing the double up for Young.

Justin Young - 126,000 (42 bb)
Sunny Patel - 31,000 (10 bb)

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08:20 PM, 12/17/14

Faraz Jaka Doubles Thru Shaun Suller

Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

Faraz Jaka
There is around 20,000 in the pot and the board reads Adiamond7diamond2spade10heart when Shaun Suller bets 10,000 from the small blind and Season VIII WPT Player of the Year Faraz Jaka moves all-in for 48,000 from middle position. Rene Angelil folds from the cutoff and Suller calls.

Suller turns over A-K for top pair, but Jaka has him bested with A-10 for aces up. The 10heart on the river improves Jaka to a full house and he takes the pot to double up.

Faraz Jaka - 125,000
Shaun Suller - 200,000

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08:19 PM, 12/17/14



Jared Jaffee 768,000 
Chane Kampanatsanyakorn 584,500 
Ralph Thomas 582,000 
Keven Stammen 533,500 
Aaron Massey 463,000 
Chris Bolek 459,500 

Average Chip Count: 225,384
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Current Level:






Players Remaining:

78 of 586

Time Remaining:

Payout Structure

Place Prize
1 $1,477,890
2 $869,683
3 $562,736
4 $383,684
5 $272,842
6 $218,842
7 $167,684
8 $119,368
9 $85,263
10 - 12 $65,368
13 - 15 $51,158
16 - 18 $42,632
19 - 27 $36,947
28 - 36 $31,263
37 - 45 $25,579
46 - 54 $22,737

Blind Structure

Level Blinds Ante
1 50-100 0
2 75-150 0
3 75-150 25
4 100-200 25
5 150-300 50
6 200-400 50
7 250-500 75
8 300-600 75
9 400-800 100
10 500-1,000 100
11 600-1,200 200
12 800-1,600 200
13 1,000-2,000 300
14 1,200-2,400 400
15 1,500-3,000 500
16 2,000-4,000 500
17 2,500-5,000 500
18 3,000-6,000 1,000
19 4,000-8,000 1,000
20 5,000-10,000 1,000
21 6,000-12,000 2,000
22 8,000-16,000 2,000
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