November 18-23 | Dusk Till Dawn Casino & Poker | Lenton, Nottingham
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Meet the partypoker WPT UK Final Tablists

12:44 AM, 11/23/14

Matas Cimbolas Leads a Stacked Final Table at WPT UK

08:34 PM, 11/22/14

Luca Moschitta Eliminated 7th Place (£32,000)

08:24 PM, 11/22/14

Cimbolas Flops the Nuts; Moschitta Hurt

07:53 PM, 11/22/14

The RFG and the Malteser Straw Challenge

07:19 PM, 11/22/14

Jamie Roberts Eliminated in 8th Place (£18,000)

07:15 PM, 11/22/14

Najib Kamand Eliminated in 9th Place (£18,000)

06:59 PM, 11/22/14

Win a Seat to WPT Five Diamond on

05:05 PM, 11/22/14

Unofficial Final Table

04:47 PM, 11/22/14

Sylvain Loosli Eliminated in 10th Place (£14,400)

04:19 PM, 11/22/14

Adrian Mateos Eliminated in 11th Place (£14,400)

03:42 PM, 11/22/14

WPT Partners with Skrill

03:20 PM, 11/22/14

Leo McClean Eliminated in 12th Place (£14,400)

03:10 PM, 11/22/14

Patrick Leonard Doubles Through Adrian Mateos

02:27 PM, 11/22/14

Stefano Garbarino Eliminated in 14th Place (£12,000); Ben Vinson Eliminated in 13th Place (£12,000)

02:20 PM, 11/22/14

Nic Markou Eliminated in 15th Place (£12,000)

02:05 PM, 11/22/14

Charlie Combes Eliminated in 16th Place (£10,200)

02:01 PM, 11/22/14

Day 4: Shuffle Up & Deal!

01:02 PM, 11/22/14

Day 4 Set to Begin

12:20 PM, 11/22/14

Day 4 Seat Draw

01:15 AM, 11/22/14

Antoine Saout Leads the Final 16 Players

09:39 PM, 11/21/14

Fraser MacIntyre Eliminated in 17th Place (£10,200)

09:38 PM, 11/21/14

WPT Partners with Skrill

09:34 PM, 11/21/14

Jake Cody Eliminated in 26th Place (£7,000)

05:31 PM, 11/21/14

David Peters Eliminated in 30th Place (£6,500)

04:37 PM, 11/21/14

Tamer Kamel Eliminates Suketu Patel (35th), Ben Winsor (34th) and Antonio Buonanno (33rd)

04:06 PM, 11/21/14

Chris Moorman Eliminated in 42nd Place (£6,000)

03:01 PM, 11/21/14

Ian Simpson Eliminated by David Peters

01:58 PM, 11/21/14

Shuffle Up and Deal!

01:00 PM, 11/21/14

The Race to the Money Begins Soon

12:09 PM, 11/21/14

Adrian Mateos Leads the Remaining 51 Players

12:18 AM, 11/21/14

Check Out the WPT UK Party

10:57 PM, 11/20/14

Royal Caribbean Royal Flush Bonus Winner: Chris Moorman!

10:00 PM, 11/20/14

Mike Sexton Eliminated by Sergi Reixach

08:25 PM, 11/20/14

Chris Moorman Flops a Royal; Wins a Royal Caribbean International Cruise

05:24 PM, 11/20/14

The Payouts

04:40 PM, 11/20/14

Chino Rheem Eliminated by Pratik Ghatge

04:16 PM, 11/20/14

Tamer Kamel Eliminates Two; Takes the Chip Lead

03:31 PM, 11/20/14

Win a Seat to WPT Five Diamond on

03:20 PM, 11/20/14

Julian Thomas Eliminated by Michael Fletcher

02:25 PM, 11/20/14

Royal Caribbean International Royal Flush Bonus

01:34 PM, 11/20/14

Marvin Rettenmaier Has Been Eliminated

01:28 PM, 11/20/14

Day 2: Shuffle Up and Deal!

01:06 PM, 11/20/14

Day 2 About to Begin

12:27 PM, 11/20/14

Day 2 Seat Draw

02:50 AM, 11/20/14

Fred Wise Leads the Day 1B Field

12:03 AM, 11/20/14

Fred Wise Flop Quads; Eliminates Toby Lewis and Takes Chip Lead

11:35 PM, 11/19/14

The WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic is Coming Up!

10:55 PM, 11/19/14

Bryn Kenney Eliminated by Matas Cimbolas

10:53 PM, 11/19/14

Patrick Leonard Eliminated by Matthew Davenport

10:06 PM, 11/19/14

How Good is Your English?

09:17 PM, 11/19/14

Craig McCorkell Sent to the Cash Desk by Ben Vinson

09:14 PM, 11/19/14

Sam Trickett Doing His Bit For Charity

09:01 PM, 11/19/14

Win a Seat to WPT Five Diamond on

08:33 PM, 11/19/14

Jake Cody Eliminated and Buys Back In

07:19 PM, 11/19/14

Toby Lewis Eliminated by Mike Hill

06:50 PM, 11/19/14

WPT Partners with Skrill

06:43 PM, 11/19/14

Chris Moorman Loses His First Bullet

06:16 PM, 11/19/14

Buonanno Doubles Through Lewis

05:40 PM, 11/19/14

Devilfish is Out

05:35 PM, 11/19/14

Roberto Romanello is Out Again

05:15 PM, 11/19/14

Wanna Win a Pair of Limited Edition Monster Headphones?

03:25 PM, 11/19/14

Congratulations Bryn Kenney: Winner of the WPT UK High Roller

01:28 PM, 11/19/14

Shuffle Up and Deal

01:02 PM, 11/19/14

Day 1B Set to Begin at Dusk till Dawn

12:21 PM, 11/19/14

Adrian Mateos Leads the Day 1A Field

12:02 AM, 11/19/14

WPT Partners with Skrill

11:02 PM, 11/18/14

Dominik Nitsche Busts

10:07 PM, 11/18/14

Mammoth Monster for Mateos

09:29 PM, 11/18/14

Ram Vaswani Eliminated by Mike Sexton

09:04 PM, 11/18/14

Robert Smith Eliminates Marc Inizan and Jon Spinks

07:32 PM, 11/18/14

Sam Trickett Eliminated by Otto Richard

07:23 PM, 11/18/14

A Peek Inside Day 1A of the WPT UK

06:44 PM, 11/18/14

Jon Spinks Eliminated by Chris Barnes

06:10 PM, 11/18/14

Royal Caribbean International Royal Flush Bonus

06:08 PM, 11/18/14

Michael Mizrachi Eliminated by Riad Kawmi

06:06 PM, 11/18/14

Morten Mortensen Reducing the Field

03:23 PM, 11/18/14

Rhys Jones Eliminates Ray Mackintosh

02:23 PM, 11/18/14

Shuffle Up and Deal

01:07 PM, 11/18/14

Welcome to Day 1A of the WPT UK

01:00 PM, 11/18/14


12:00 AM, 11/18/14

Live Tournament Updates

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WPT Seminole Hard Rock Showdown, Day 1 Recap

Level 5: 150-300, 25 ante

By BJ Nemeth

Note:  To view the official chip counts and seating assignments for Day 2, click here.

8319 Shuffle Up and Deal 1
WPT Commentator Mike Sexton (center) welcomes the players to the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Showdown before giving the traditional "Shuffle up and deal" announcement.

Sexton is joined by his commentating partner Vince Van Patten, WPT Raw Deal Host and Live Stream Analyst Tony Dunst, WPT Anchor Marianela Pereyra, and Royal Flush Girls Angelique Velez, Tugba Ercan, Jeannie Duffy, and Danielle Ruiz.

8245 Marianela Pereyra and ClubWPT Butch Valure
Before play began, WPT Anchor Marianela Pereyra interviewed ClubWPT qualifier Butch Valure, who earned his way into this $10,000 buy-in tournament through a freeroll on

0421 Jonathan Little and Lauren Kling
There were a lot of players with Floridian roots in the field, including Lauren Kling (right), who grew up in Orlando, and two-time WPT winner Jonathan Little (left), who grew up in Pensacola.

Kling looks up to check the tournament clock to see how many players had entered by that point. Registration remains open until the start of Day 2, and the field size continued to grow throughout the day until it reached 281 players. With a couple satellites running overnight and a few late arrivals expected tomorrow, the field size should approach the 300-player mark.

0160 Will Failla and RFGs Tugba and Danielle
WPT Player of the Year points leader Will Failla (seated, in blue) fights back a smile when he realizes that the WPT cameras are only filming him because Royal Flush Girls Tugba Ercan (left) and Danielle Ruiz are standing behind him.

0304 Under-21 Guitar Basket
Unlike most of the United States, the legal gambling age in Florida is 18, providing a rare opportunity for players age 18-20 to play in a domestic WPT event. And just like last year, the 18-20 year old who goes the deepest in this event will win a bonus prize -- this gift basket highlighted by an electric guitar.

0292 Under21 Alexander Condon
There were three under-21 players in the field on Day 1: Alexander Condon (pictured), Christopher Barnes, and George Sinishtaj. Barnes busted late in the day, while Condon and Sinishtaj finished below average with 22,350 and 23,425 respectively.

Here's a fun fact -- any 18-20 year old who registers before play begins on Day 2 will instantly take the lead in this category with a starting stack of 30,000 in chips.

0072 RFGs Angelique and Jeannie
Royal Flush Girls Angelique Velez (right) and Jeannie Duffy check out the field during Level 2.

0451 Chino Rheem
In the last hand of Level 2, Chino Rheem and another player reraised each other back and forth after a flop of Jspade9club8club. Once all their chips were in the pot, Rheem showed Jdiamond9diamond for top two pair, and his opponent turned over Jclub10club for top pair with an open-ended straight-flush draw.

The turn was the 4diamond, the river was the 6spade, and Rheem dodged a ton of outs to win the pot and catapult into the lead with about 72,000 in chips. Rheem would stay near the top of the leaderboard for the rest of the day, finishing 8th in chips with 106,100.

0406 Chris Klodnicki and Christian Harder
Chris Klodnicki (left) and Christian Harder (right) both flew into Fort Lauderdale in the afternoon -- Klodnicki registered late in Level 3, and Harder registered at the start of Level 4. There was an open seat next to Klodnicki, and when TD Matt Savage appeared to be leading Harder to a different table, Klodnicki called out, "Charder! Seat open!"

But Savage was just taking a roundabout path, and when they turned toward Klodnicki's table, his joking mood faded. "No, I was kidding! Not here!" (Nobody wants a player of Harder's caliber on their left.)

Both players survived the day, though Harder (38,625) finished with almost exactly twice as many chips as Klodnicki (19,325).

0336 Wikipedia Allen Kessler Abe Mosseri Chino Rheem
There was an interesting discussion at Table 11 when it came to light that there is no Wikipedia article about Allen Kessler (left). The three players to his left are profiled on Wikipedia -- Abe Mosseri (center), James Dempsey (not pictured because he was eliminated during the conversation), and Chino Rheem (right).

For further details on their conversation, read the original post by clicking here.

0529 Taylor Von Kriegenbergh Doubles Up
Justin Zaki (right), who finished third in this event last year, watched as defending champion Taylor von Kriegenbergh moved all in after heavy preflop action. But when Von Kriegenbergh saw that his KclubKheart was dominated by AclubAdiamond, he got up and prepared to leave.

The flop came 10diamond7heart6club, and Von Kriegenbergh said, "It's over. The run is over." But the 8heart on the turn put a gutshot straight draw on the board, giving him additional outs to a chopped pot. Von Kriegenbergh sounded ever-so-slightly optimistic as he said, "I guess a nine …"

It's difficult to win a WPT event without catching a few breaks, and Von Kriegenbergh caught one here as the Kspade hit the river to double him up. Von Kriegenbergh was stunned but smiling as his title defense continued. Von Kriegenbergh survived to Day 2 with 20,525 in chips.

0437 Ebony Kenney and RFG Jeannie Duffy
Ebony Kenney (seated, center) is one of the WPT's "Ones to Watch" for Season X, seen here chatting with one of the Royal Flush Girls between hands.

0471 Jason Mercier and Don Gehrling
South Florida native Jason Mercier (left) was seated next to qualifier Don Gehrling on Day 1. Mercier is consistently ranked as one of the best poker players in the world, though he has never won a WPT title -- something he hopes to change soon.

0593 David Nicholson
Day 1 came to an end after five levels with 209 players remaining. When the dust settled, it was David Nicholson (pictured) at the top of the leaderboard with 132,300 in chips.

Here's a look at the top 10 heading into Day 2:

1.  David Nicholson  -  132,300
2.  John Dolan  -  120,200
3.  William Brown  -  118,875
4.  Eric Afriat  -  118,500
5.  Brian Senie  -  112,900
6.  Micah Smith  -  109,975
7.  Sam Soverel  -  106,225
8.  Chino Rheem  -  106,100
9.  Kyle Bowker  -  104,000
10.  Lee Thomas  -  100,800

Registration remains open until Day 2 begins at 12:00 noon ET. Return to for continuing live coverage of all the action.

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02:38 AM, 04/19/12

Day 2 Official Chip Counts and Table Draw

Level 5: 150-300, 25 ante

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02:06 AM, 04/19/12

ClubWPT Player of the Day - John Dolan

Level 5: 150-300, 25 ante

Sorted In: Featured Blog, ClubWPT Player of the Day, Jessica Welman, John Dolan, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood, WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown, Season X
10:31 PM, 04/18/12

Day 1 Ends With Around 210 Players and David Nicholson Leading

Level 5: 150-300, 25 ante

The players have bagged up their chips and Day 1 of the Seminole Hard Rock Showdown is in the books. There are approximately 210 players remaining from the starting field of 280, but expect that number to go up before play resumes on Thursday, as registration closes at the start of Day 2 action.

The man leading the field appears to be David Nicholson, who finished the day with 132,300 from the 30,000-chip starting stack. Florida native and poker pro John Dolan is not too far behind him, finishing up with 120,200.

Reigning Seminole Hard Rock Showdown Champ Taylor von Kriegenbergh is still in the hunt to repeat his title and reigning WPT Player of the Year Andy Frankenberger is going strong too.

Tomorrow the players will be back in action at 12pm for another five levels of play. We'll have complete chip counts as well as a photo recap and new episode of Jess and BJ up before then, so be sure to check back in.

Here are the unofficial top five from the end of Day 1:

1. David Nicholson - 132,300
2. John Dolan - 120,200
3. Eric Afriat - 115,000
4. Chino Rheem - 106,100
5. Kyle Bowker - 97,000

Sorted In: Featured Blog, Taylor von Kriegenbergh, John Dolan, David Nicholson, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood, WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown, Season X
08:45 PM, 04/18/12

Day 1 Winding Down

Level 5: 150-300, 25 ante

Reigning Seminole Hard Rock Showdown Champ Taylor von Kriegenbergh does the honor of drawing the card to see how many more hands we are playing. He draws a three, so the field will only be playing a few more minutes before bagging and tagging for the day.

Sorted In: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood, WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown, Season X
08:22 PM, 04/18/12

Adam Katz Eliminated

Level 5: 150-300, 25 ante

Sorted In: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood, WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown, Season X
08:20 PM, 04/18/12

Seth Fischer Doubles Thru Ebony Kenney

Level 5: 150-300, 25 ante

We missed the action, but WPT Ones to Watch Ebony Kenney and her tablemates filled us in on how Seth Fischer doubled thru her earlier this level.

According to the table, the player under the gun minraised to 600, Fischer reraised to 1,800 from middle position, and Kenney four-bet to 6,200 out of the small blind.  The initial raiser folded and Fischer took a minute before shoving all-in for 17,800 total.

Kenney called with pocket kings and Fischer trailed with pocket queens. To make things worse for Fischer, the initial raiser claimed to have folded ace-queen.

By the turn the board had paired and Kenney made a flush, which meant Fischer had only the case queen in the deck to save him. He hit that case queen though, giving him a winning full house and the double up.

After Kenney finishes describing the hand to us, another player at the hand can't help but give her a little needle.

"She tell you she made a royal flush to crack aces full earlier today?" 

Seth Fischer - 39,000
Ebony Kenney - 62,000

Sorted In: Ebony Kenney, Seth Fischer, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood, WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown, Season X
08:17 PM, 04/18/12

Taylor von Kriegenbergh Cracks Aces to Double Up

Level 5: 150-300, 25 ante

0529 Taylor Von Kriegenbergh Doubles Up
Photo: Justin Zaki (right), who finished third in this event last season, watches as defending champion Taylor von Kriegenbergh moves all in.

The under-the-gun player limps or makes a small raise, and defending champion Taylor von Kriegenbergh reraises. The small blind makes it 3,200, and the UTG player calls.

Action is back on Von Kriegenbergh, and he thinks for a bit before he moves all in for a little less than 10,000. The small blind reraises over the top, and the UTG player folds.

Von Kriegenbergh shows KclubKheart, but he's dominated by his opponent's AclubAdiamond. Von Kriegenbergh packs up his things as he expects imminent elimination.

The flop comes 10diamond7heart6club, and Von Kriegenbergh says, "It's over. The run is over."

The 8heart on the turn puts a gutshot straight draw on the board, and a nine would chop the pot. Von Kriegenbergh sounds ever-so-slightly optimistic as he says, "I guess a nine ..."

The river card is -- the Kspade.

Von Kriegenbergh catches a set of kings on the river to stay alive and double up in chips, and expresses his disbelief that he actually won the hand.

Taylor von Kriegenbergh  -  24,000

0537 Taylor Von Kriegenbergh Cracks Aces

Sorted In: Featured Blog, Taylor von Kriegenbergh, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood, WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown, Season X
08:05 PM, 04/18/12

Jeff Forrest Eliminated

Level 5: 150-300, 25 ante

Sorted In: Jeff Forrest, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood, WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown, Season X
07:59 PM, 04/18/12

Matt Giannetti vs. Kathy Liebert

Level 5: 150-300, 25 ante

Matt Giannetti, Kathy Liebert, and Jason Koon see a flop of AspadeJheart9diamond. Giannetti is in the big blind and checks, Liebert checks from middle position, and Koon bets 1,600 from the button. Giannetti calls.

Liebert decides to check-raise to 5,100 total and Koon quickly gets out of the way. Giannetti thinks a bit, then calls.

The turn brings the 2club and Giannetti checks. Liebert bets 8,000 and Giannetti calls. The river is the 10spade and Giannetti checks a third time. Liebert thinks only a few seconds before tossing out 20,000 in chips, which is enough to put Giannetti all-in for his last 14,000 or so.

Giannetti spends a couple of minutes deliberating before eventually calling.

"Good call," Liebert says. She shows the Adiamond, then turns over her kicker, the 8spade which doesn't play. Giannetti then shows his hand, Aspade6diamond and they both make a pair of aces to chop the pot.

Sorted In: Kathy Liebert, Matt Giannetti, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood, WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown, Season X
07:36 PM, 04/18/12



Matas Cimbolas 3,534,000 
Ben Warrington 2,616,000 
Tamer Kamel 1,844,000 
Antoine Saout 1,086,000 
Patrick Leonard 836,000 
Phillip Mighall 710,000 

Average Chip Count: 1,770,000
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Current Level:

Countdown to the Final Table

Players Remaining:

6 of 354

Time Remaining:

Payout Structure

Place Prize
1 $313,328
2 $219,330
3 $144,131
4 $104,965
5 $75,199
6 $61,882
7 $50,132
8 $39,166
9 $28,200
10 - 12 $22,560
13 - 15 $18,800
16 - 18 $15,980
19 - 21 $14,100
22 - 24 $12,533
25 - 27 $10,966
28 - 36 $10,183
37 - 45 $9,400

Blind Structure

Level Blinds Ante
1 50-100 0
2 75-150 0
3 75-150 25
4 100-200 25
5 150-300 50
6 200-400 50
7 250-500 75
8 300-600 75
9 400-800 100
10 500-1,000 100
11 600-1,200 200
12 800-1,600 200
13 1,000-2,000 300
14 1,200-2,400 400
15 1,500-3,000 500
16 2,000-4,000 500
17 2,500-5,000 500
18 3,000-6,000 1,000
19 4,000-8,000 1,000
20 5,000-10,000 1,000
21 6,000-12,000 2,000
22 8,000-16,000 2,000
23 10,000-20,000 3,000
24 12,000-24,000 4,000
25 15,000-30,000 5,000
26 20,000-40,000 5,000
27 25,000-50,000 5,000
28 30,000-60,000 10,000
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