October 23-27 | Solaire Resort & Casino | Paranaque City 1701, Manila
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Bubble Time

Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

The play is going to slow down as we have reached the bubble.

Anton Wigg has just moved all-in over a Ben Wilinofsky raise but the Canadian folded.

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04:19 PM, 04/13/12

Michael Eiler Implodes

Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

When it comes to putting your money in the middle, it almost seems second nature for the former EPT Champion and Sunday Million winner Michael Eiler. His uber-aggressive style has its merits, but also its downfalls!

Michael Eiler comes into the pot with a standard raise and both blinds call. The flop is 9spade 9diamond 8heart and Marko Neumann leads with a bet and Eiler calls. On the turn we see the 5diamond and Neumann leads once more, but this time Eiler moves all-in. Neumann calls and Eiler knows he is in serious trouble.

Neumann: Kspade Kdiamond
Eiler: Tspade 6spade

Turn: 3club

Eiler has blown a gasket and Neumann now has 800,000 chips.

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03:53 PM, 04/13/12

Matt Kay Eliminated by Eugene Katchalov

Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Matt Kay's WPT Vienna is over in a cooler against Eugene Katchalov. Both players flopped sets on a flop of Tx 9x 8x. Katchalov had a set of tens and Kay a set of nines.

"Why do all the top players in the world always have the top sets," we said.

"It's because they flop top sets that they are the best players in the world," said Benjamin Lehrer

Katchalov ~ 385,000

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03:52 PM, 04/13/12

Moorman is Out!

Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Chris Moorman
Chris Moorman started the day second in chips and has left two places shy of the money. Marko Neumann was the man who eliminated him after flopping a set of fours on a Tx 4x 2x flop. The money went in on the turn 5x with Moorman having less than 200,000. The set of fours held and Neumann now has 500,000 chips.

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03:38 PM, 04/13/12

Eiler Doubles Through Moorman

Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Michael Eiler has just doubled through Chris Moorman. He raises to 9,000 in middle position, Moorman three-bets to 18,000 on the button, Eiler moves all-in for 158,800 and Moorman calls.

Eiler: Aspade Qheart
Moorman: 8spade 8heart

Flop: Tspade 5club 3club

It's a good flop for Moorman and Eiler rises to his feet and prepares to leave the table.

Turn: Aclub

Eiler sits back down after taking the lead.

River: Tdiamond

Eiler bangs the table with his fist, sits back down and cuddles his new 340,000 stack. Moorman has not had a good Day 3 and is down to 200,000.

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03:33 PM, 04/13/12

Wilinofsky is on Fire

Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Somebody get a hose because Benjamin Wilinofsky is on fire at table 33. He is a one man wrecking machine and the latest player to be laid to waste is David Vamplew. The Scotsman woke up with Tx Tx in the hijack, Wilinofsky woke up with Qx Qx, on the button, and after a raising war Vamplew was sent to the rail just shy of a little bit of cash.

Wilinofsky ~ 680,000

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03:00 PM, 04/13/12

Badecker Gets Rettenmaier's Scalp

Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Marc Gork makes a standard raise, Andrew Badecker makes the call before Marvin Rettenmaier moves all-in for around 19BB. Gork folds, Badecker calls and it is a battle of the suited aces.

Badecker: Aspade 9spade
Rettenmaier: Aheart 8heart

The board ran out with a nine on it and Rettenmaier was out.

Badecker ~ 280,000

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02:54 PM, 04/13/12

Two More Eliminations

Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Thomas Butzhammer and Dennis Schaefer have just been eliminated short of the money bubble.

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02:49 PM, 04/13/12

Moorman Gets Rivered

Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Chris Moorman raises to 7,000 in the hijack and Marko Neumann calls on the button as does Jeppe Nielsen in the big blind.

Flop: Tclub 8heart 3club

Jeppe checks, Moorman bets 14,000, Neumann calls and Jeppe folds.

Turn: 9heart

Moorman bets 35,500 and Neumann calls.

River: Jclub

Both players check and Neumann turns over Qspade Tspade to take the pot with a rivered straight. Moorman shows Kspade Kdiamond.

Neumann ~ 290,000
Moorman ~ 380,000

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02:45 PM, 04/13/12

Andy Frankenberger Doubles Up

Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Our WPT Player of the year Andy Frankenberger has doubled up. As he was tucking into a rather meaty breakfast he told us that he was as low as 75,000 before winning a race with Ax 9x v 8x 8x, then he called of a turn and river bluff by Andre Akkari and he now has 225,000.

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02:41 PM, 04/13/12



Stevie Moon 42,000 
Tony Dunst 31,000 
Simba Jae Kyung Sim 29,000 
Jeppe Drivsholm 28,000 
Michael Kim Falcon 24,000 
Buddy Villaluz 22,000 

Average Chip Count: 29,763
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Players Remaining:

211 of 314

Time Remaining:

Blind Structure

Level Blinds Ante
1 25-50 0
2 50-100 0
3 75-150 25
4 100-200 25
5 150-300 50
6 200-400 50
7 250-500 75
8 300-600 75
9 400-800 100
10 500-1,000 100
11 600-1,200 200
12 800-1,600 200
13 1,000-2,000 300
14 1,200-2,400 400
15 1,500-3,000 500
16 2,000-4,000 500
17 2,500-5,000 500
18 3,000-6,000 1,000
19 4,000-8,000 1,000
20 5,000-10,000 1,000
21 6,000-12,000 2,000
22 8,000-16,000 2,000
23 10,000-20,000 3,000
24 12,000-24,000 4,000
25 15,000-30,000 5,000
26 20,000-40,000 5,000
27 25,000-50,000 5,000
28 30,000-60,000 10,000
29 40,000-80,000 10,000
30 50,000-100,000 15,000
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