February 28-March 05 | Commerce Casino | Commerce, California
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Anthony Zinno Goes for Back-to-Back Titles at LAPC

05:59 PM, 03/04/15

Hand #85: Vladimir Dobrovolskiy Out in 7th Place ($167,360)

05:57 PM, 03/04/15

Hand #80: Edward Ochana Out in 8th Place ($133,370)

05:45 PM, 03/04/15

The 2nd Annual WPT California Swing is Underway!

05:30 PM, 03/04/15

Hand #74: Mike Leah Doubles Thru Chris Klodnicki

05:21 PM, 03/04/15

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04:44 PM, 03/04/15

Check Out the WPT Photo Gallery on Flickr

04:23 PM, 03/04/15

Hand #60: Tim Cramer Out in 9th Place ($100,410)

04:18 PM, 03/04/15

Hand #46: Ray Henson Out in 10th Place ($73,640)

03:48 PM, 03/04/15

Hands #35-37: Igor Yaroshevskyy Doubles Thru Peter Tran

03:32 PM, 03/04/15

Hand #34: Zinno and Tran Get Into It a Bit

03:21 PM, 03/04/15

Hands #28-30: Anthony Zinno Doubles Thru Edward Ochana

02:52 PM, 03/04/15

Bonus Prize: Hublot Oceanographic 4000 Watch

02:36 PM, 03/04/15

Official Chip Counts: Final 10 Players

02:21 PM, 03/04/15

Updated Chip Counts: Final 10 Players

01:03 PM, 03/04/15

WPT Scores Three Wins at the American Poker Awards

12:23 PM, 03/04/15

Peter Tran Leads Again (4.12 million) w/12 Players Left

09:00 PM, 03/03/15

Peter Neff Doesn't Back Down From Peter Tran

08:46 PM, 03/03/15

The 2nd Annual WPT California Swing is Underway!

08:37 PM, 03/03/15

Official Chip Counts: Final 16 Players

07:09 PM, 03/03/15

DraftKings Wants to Send You to the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown

06:34 PM, 03/03/15

Coming Soon: WPTDeepStacks Mississippi

05:52 PM, 03/03/15

Official Seating & Chip Counts: Final 20 Players

05:25 PM, 03/03/15

Skrill Last-Longer Update: Six Players Left

03:52 PM, 03/03/15

Official Chip Counts: Final 25 Players

03:44 PM, 03/03/15

Win a Seat to WPT World Championship on ClubWPT

02:26 PM, 03/03/15

Joe Serock Out in 33rd Place ($30,900)

02:08 PM, 03/03/15

Official Chip Counts (Final 33 Players)

01:57 PM, 03/03/15

Daniel Negreanu Out in 35th Place ($30,900)

01:22 PM, 03/03/15

Official Seating & Chip Counts for Day 4

09:36 AM, 03/03/15

Peter Tran Leads Final 43 Players with 1,369,000

08:57 PM, 03/02/15

Daniel Negreanu's Strategy For the LAPC

08:36 PM, 03/02/15

DraftKings Qualifier Mark Darner Out in 53rd Place ($22,660)

07:29 PM, 03/02/15

Chris Klodnicki Makes David Tuthill's Life

06:11 PM, 03/02/15

Matt Berkey Eliminated on Money Bubble by Mike Leah

05:52 PM, 03/02/15

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05:32 PM, 03/02/15

WPT Scores 3 Wins at the American Poker Awards

04:39 PM, 03/02/15

The 2nd Annual WPT California Swing is Underway!

02:21 PM, 03/02/15

Skrill Last-Longer Update: 19 Players Left

12:33 PM, 03/02/15

Day 3 Seat Draw

01:19 AM, 03/02/15

Brent Hart Leads Final 120 with Huge Stack of 487,900

08:48 PM, 03/01/15

Coming Soon: WPTDeepStacks Jacksonville

08:12 PM, 03/01/15

They Came. They Played. They Were Conquered!

08:05 PM, 03/01/15

Mohsin Charania Eliminated by Brent Hart

07:55 PM, 03/01/15

Hey Mohsin, Have We Got a Deal For You!

06:59 PM, 03/01/15

Daniel Alaei Abandons His Stack for the Cash Games

06:35 PM, 03/01/15

WPT Flashback: LAPC Season XII

05:31 PM, 03/01/15

RFG Bounty Tourney on ClubWPT.com Starts at 6pm PT

05:22 PM, 03/01/15

DraftKings Qualifier Mark Darner Still Going Strong

04:21 PM, 03/01/15

WPT Flashback: LAPC Season XI

03:40 PM, 03/01/15

Skrill Last-Longer Update: 72 Players

03:11 PM, 03/01/15

Official Numbers: 538 Players, $5,164,800 Prizepool

02:22 PM, 03/01/15

RFG Bounty Tournament TODAY on ClubWPT.com

01:58 PM, 03/01/15

WPT Flashback: LAPC Season X

01:51 PM, 03/01/15

Last Chance to Enter the Skrill Last-Longer

01:25 PM, 03/01/15

ClubWPT Qualifier Stephen Galvin Eliminated

01:08 PM, 03/01/15

The 2nd Annual WPT California Swing is Underway!

12:48 PM, 03/01/15

ClubWPT Qualifier Stephen Galvin Survived a Tough Day 1

12:15 PM, 03/01/15

WPT Flashback: LAPC Season IX

12:06 PM, 03/01/15

Day 2 Table Draw

10:40 AM, 03/01/15

Peter Tran Leads 328 Day 1 Survivors with 209,000

09:15 PM, 02/28/15

Qualifiers From DraftKings.com in the Field

08:29 PM, 02/28/15

WPT Flashback: LAPC Season VIII

07:48 PM, 02/28/15

Royal Flush Girls Bounty Tourney on ClubWPT.com

07:40 PM, 02/28/15

Royal Flush Girls in the Balcony

07:17 PM, 02/28/15

WPT Flashback: LAPC Season VII

07:13 PM, 02/28/15

WPT Flashback: LAPC Season VI

05:51 PM, 02/28/15

ClubWPT Qualifier Stephen Galvin

05:44 PM, 02/28/15

WPT Flashback: LAPC Season V

04:46 PM, 02/28/15

Matt Stout Doubles Up

04:18 PM, 02/28/15

The Skrill Last-Longer Bonus Prize

03:52 PM, 02/28/15

WPT Flashback: LAPC Season IV

03:22 PM, 02/28/15

WPT Flashback: LAPC Season III

02:31 PM, 02/28/15

WPT Flashback: LAPC Season II

01:34 PM, 02/28/15

Photo: Shuffle Up and Deal!

12:49 PM, 02/28/15

WPT Flashback: LAPC Season I

12:23 PM, 02/28/15

Welcome to the WPT LA Poker Classic

11:50 AM, 02/28/15

Live Tournament Updates

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John Phan Eliminated By the Flip of a Button

Level 11: 600-1,200, 200 ante

With over 100,000 chips already in the pot and the board reading KspadeQspade3diamond5club, Travis Carson moves al-in for 44,200.  John Phan is trying to decided whether or not to call-in for his last 30,000 or so.

Phan has tucked his cards in between his chips and the rail for safe keeping while he deliberates.  After a while, he asks the dealer if she has a second blue "all-in" button.  One of the buttons is in front of Carson, but the second button is still in the well.

Phan tells the dealer he is not going all-in, but he was wondering if he could borrow the button for the minute.  The dealer warily hands it to him and he begins to use it as a coin.  He gives it a small toss in the air and it lands face-down right in front of him.  He tries to give it another small toss and it nearly gets away from him.

On the third toss, Phan hefts it a little higher and it lands face-down on the other side of the betting line.  There is a beat before Phan reaches in and pulls the button back.

"That's a call," Carson says.  Phan does not seem to agree.  A floorman is paged to the table to hear the situation and Phan pleads his case that he told the dealer he was just borrowing the button, not using it to move all-in.  The table seems to agree with Carson that it should be ruled a call.

Tournament Director Matt Savage is paged to the table and as soon as he hears that Phan asked for the button, he tells him, "You're all-in."  Savage even adds that asking for the button is called "the John Phan rule" before walking away.

Carson flips over his QheartQdiamond for middle set and Phan still doesn't touch his cards.  After some more insisting from the dealer and the floor, Phan shows AheartKheart for top pair.

The river 8diamond means Phan is officially eliminated, though he does stick around and plead his case to his tablemates for another minute or so before heading for the door.

Travis Carson - 195,000 (163 BBs)
John Phan - eliminated

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12:48 PM, 02/26/12

Top Five Chipleaders

Level 11: 600-1,200, 200 ante

Here's a look at the five players who entered play at the top of the leaderboard.

6925 Gordon Vayo
Gordon Vayo started Day 3 first in chips with 284,000 (236 BBs).

6870 Behzad Teranie
Behzad Teranie started Day 3 second in chips with 280,000 (233 BBs).

6968 Greg FBT Mueller
Greg "FBT" Mueller started Day 3 third in chips with 279,700 (233 BBs).

7007 Darren Elias
Darren Elias started Day 3 fourth in chips with 257,400 (214 BBs).

6943 Vasile Buboi
Vasile Buboi started Day 3 fifth in chips with 238,700 (198 BBs).

Sorted In: Featured Blog, Gordon Vayo, Behzad Teranie, Greg Mueller, Darren Elias, Vasile Buboi, Commerce Casino, L.A. Poker Classic, Season X
12:45 PM, 02/26/12

Sam Barnhart Busts a Short Stack

Level 11: 600-1,200, 200 ante

After getting some chips in from the button, Sam Barnhart faces an all-in move from Nedjeh Yeroomian in the small blind for another 17,000 or so. Barnhart calls with 6club8club and Yeroomian turns over Aspade9club, proclaiming, "I'm ahead."

"I'm live," Barnhart points out.  The 5diamond4club3spade flop gives Barnhart an open-ended straight draw, but the Jdiamond on the turn keeps Yeroomian out front. 

The river 6diamond pairs up Barnhart and he takes the pot, eliminating Yeroomian in the process.

Sam Barnhart - 210,000 (175 BBs)
Nedjeh Yeroomian - eliminated

Sorted In: Nedjeh Yeroomian, Commerce Casino, L.A. Poker Classic, Season X
12:28 PM, 02/26/12

Scott Seiver Eliminated By JC Tran

Level 11: 600-1,200, 200 ante

JC Tran and Scott Seiver get it all-in preflop with Seiver holding pocket jacks to Tran's pocket queens.  The board is no help to Seiver and the reigning WPT World Champion is eliminated.

JC Tran - 190,000 (158 BBs)
Scott Seiver - eliminated

Sorted In: Scott Seiver, JC Tran, Commerce Casino, L.A. Poker Classic, Season X
12:22 PM, 02/26/12

Tom Lee Eliminated By Dan O'Brien

Level 11: 600-1,200, 200 ante

With around 10,000 already in the pot and the board reading Jspade8heart6diamond, WPT Ones to Watch Dan O'Brien bets 6,800 from the small blind and Tom Lee raises to 16,800 on the button.  O'Brien thinks a bit before moving all-in, having Lee covered.

Lee, who has around 40,000 behind quickly calls.  O'Brien turns over 6heart6club for a set of sixes.  Lee trails with 9spade9diamond for a pair of nine.

The turn brings the 10diamond, which does give Lee an open-ended straight draw, but the 10club on the river give O'Brien a winning full house and sends him to the rail early in the Day 3 action.

Dan O'Brien - 178,000 (148 BBs)
Tom Lee - eliminated

Sorted In: Tom Lee, Daniel OBrien, Commerce Casino, L.A. Poker Classic, Season X
12:15 PM, 02/26/12

Day 3 Underway

Level 11: 600-1,200, 200 ante

Day 3 of the LAPC Main Event is going to be a doozy as teh 182 players still alive in the tournament will play down to the 54-person money bubble over the course of the day.

According to Tournament Director Matt Savage, the plan for today is to play four levels, then take a one-hour dinner break.  The field will then return and continue to play until the bubble bursts.  If the field is within one table of bursting the bubble after four levels, there will be no dinner break and play will continue.

Savage announces to players that Day 3 of the LA Poker Classic is underway and cards are now in the air.  Blinds begin at 600-1,200 ante 200.  Levels are once again ninety-minutes long.

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12:06 PM, 02/26/12

Luck of the Draw

Level 11: 600-1,200, 200 ante

I've been at shortstacked tables before but this one is ridiculous. Only one player with more than half the average. #lapc
Feb 26 via TweetCaster for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

Sorted In: Barry Greenstein, Commerce Casino, L.A. Poker Classic, Season X
12:01 PM, 02/26/12

WPT L.A. Poker Classic, Day 2 Recap

Level 11: 600-1,200, 200 ante

By BJ Nemeth

6142 Featured Table
A WPT television camera (bottom left) captures some footage at the featured table, which included a particularly impressive lineup (in seat order): (1) Jason Paquin, (2) Jason Mercier, (3) Erick Lindgren, (4) Dan O'Brien, (5) Matt Berkey, (6) Dan Kelly, (7) Allen Kessler, (8) Men Nguyen, (9) Will Failla.

In this photo, you can see Allen "Chainsaw" Kessler raking in a pot early, but Kessler exited rather quickly on Day 2, running pocket kings into the pocket aces of Dan Kelly in a classic Kessler cooler.

6280 Michael Rocco
Michael Rocco was the Day 1 tournament chipleader with 156,200, but Day 2 wasn't as kind to Rocco, as he didn't survive the day.

6292 Tony Dunst
In addition to being the WPT's Raw Deal Analyst on the TV show, Tony Dunst is the lead commentator for the WPT Final Table Live Stream, which shows all the action (including holecards) on a 30-minute delay. The final table for this event will be on Wednesday, February 29th. (Yes, it's a leap year, so February has 29 days.)

(Did you notice the banner of WPT on-air talent over Dunst's shoulder?)

6192 Mike Sexton
WPT Commentator Mike Sexton joined Tony Dunst (and Dan O'Brien) for the WPT Live Stream at the last WPT stop, the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Lucky Hearts Poker Open, down near Miami, Florida. By most accounts, it was one of the most popular live streams among the viewers.

6218 Liv Boeree Doubles Up
Liv Boeree smiles after doubling up with AclubAheart, all in after a flop of 9spade3spade3diamond. Her opponent called with QdiamondQspade, and Boeree's aces held up. Boeree lost momentum later in the day, but she is still alive and heading into Day 3 with 52,100 in chips.

6259 Phil Ivey and Barry Greenstein
Barry Greenstein (right) watches as Phil Ivey plays a hand to the river early on Day 2. The long-time friends both survived to Day 3, with Greenstein at 34,000 and Ivey at 106,000.

6583 Jason Mercier Erick Lindgren Allen Carter
Jason Mercier (left), Erick Lindgren (center right), and Allen Carter (foreground right) wait for a player to act at the Day 2 featured table. Lindgren and Carter are both members of the WPT Champions Club (Lindgren actually won two titles and was the WPT Season II Player of the Year), while Mercier has seemingly won everything under the sun except a WPT title.

6168 Tony Hachem
If the smile of Tony Hachem looks a little familiar, that may be because you know his brother Joe, who won the 2005 WSOP Main Event. Tony made a deep run in the 2011 WSOP Main Event, finishing 37th as he tried to bring another WSOP championship home to Australia.

This is Tony's first WPT event (brother Joe won a WPT title too, back in 2006), and both Hachems are in good shape with average chip stacks heading into Day 3.

6381 Tugba Ercan and Ivy Teves Play Bounty Tourney
Royal Flush Girls Tugba Ercan (left) and Ivy Teves played in a special bounty tournament for members of ClubWPT.com. Their laptops were set up at the Royal Flush Girls Social Bar overlooking the WPT L.A. Poker Classic.

During the bounty tournament, any ClubWPT player who eliminated a Royal Flush Girl will receive an additional bounty prize -- a swag bag valued at over $100, with a hoodie, t-shirt, hat, backpack, and an autographed photo from the Royal Flush Girl that was eliminated.

ClubWPT.com players who missed out on Saturday's bounty tournament will have another chance on Sunday at 3:30 pm PT, when Royal Flush Girls Brittany Bell and Danielle Ruiz will take their turns on the virtual felt.

6451 RFG Ivy Teves plays the Bounty Tourney
Royal Flush Girl Ivy Teves poses for a quick photo between hands in the ClubWPT.com bounty tournament, while the WPT L.A. Poker Classic plays on in the background.

6427 Mike Sexton Eliminated
Mike Sexton gives his thoughts to the WPT television camera after his elimination in the middle of the day.

6526 WPT Champions Cup
The WPT Champions Cup is a unique trophy that travels the tour and is engraved with the name and winning hand of every WPT champion. (WPT winners receive a slightly smaller version to keep for themselves.)

6471 Shannon Shorr Doubles Thru Mike Leah
Shannon Shorr watches carefully as the dealer counts down chip stacks between him and Mike Leah. Shorr had just doubled up with pocket kings, and since they were nearly even in chips, the loss crippled Leah, who was eliminated a short while later. Shorr survived the day with 38,100.

6639 Phil Ivey and Steven Simmons
ClubWPT.com qualifier Steven Simmons found himself playing against Phil Ivey on Day 2. Simmons was short stacked and didn't survive the day, but it's unlikely that he'll ever forget the stare of Ivey.

6715 Vanessa Rousso vs Jennifer Harman
With the board showing Aclub9club3spade5heart8club, Vanessa Rousso (center) bets nearly enough to put Jennifer Harman (foreground, right) all in. Harman thought for about two minutes before she folded.

Rousso assured Harman it was a good fold, but when Harman asked if she had a flush, Rousso said, "No flush, but I think I was good. Unless you had aces."

6748 Jason Somerville vs Darren Elias
Jason Somerville (left) and Darren Elias (right) were both battling for the top of the leaderboard in the final level. When the dust settled at the end of the day, Elias had the advantage, fourth in chips with 257,400, while Somerville finished in the top 15 with 190,300.

Greg "FBT" Mueller had a strong day, finishing third in chips with 279,700, and he was named as the ClubWPT.com Player of the Day.

Day 2 came to an end with 182 players remaining. Here's a look at the top of the leaderboard (average chip stack: 90,500):

1. Gordon Vayo - 284,000
2. Behzad Teranie - 280,000
3. Greg "FBT" Mueller - 279,700
4. Darren Elias - 257,400
5. Vasile Buboi - 238,700
6. Keith Ferrera - 235,100
7. Eric Cloutier - 231,300
8. Joe Tehan - 223,200
9. Barry Woods - 206,600
10. Shaun Deeb - 197,400

Day 3 begins Sunday at 12:00 noon PT, and the plan is to play to the money (54 players), though they will play at least five levels if they reach the money early. (Spoiler Alert: They won't reach the money within five levels.) Return to WPT.com for continuing live coverage throughout the day.

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10:05 AM, 02/26/12



Igor Yaroshevskyy 5,315,000 
Mike Leah 4,715,000 
Peter Neff 2,120,000 
Peter Tran 1,585,000 
Anthony Zinno 1,480,000 
Chris Klodnicki 920,000 

Average Chip Count: 2,305,714
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Current Level:






Players Remaining:

7 of 538

Time Remaining:

Payout Structure

Place Prize
1 $1,015,860
2 $701,350
3 $451,090
4 $333,680
5 $250,260
6 $200,830
7 $167,360
8 $133,370
9 $100,410
10 - 12 $73,640
13 - 15 $59,730
16 - 18 $51,490
19 - 21 $44,800
22 - 24 $40,170
25 - 27 $35,530
28 - 36 $30,900
37 - 45 $26,780
46 - 54 $22,660
55 - 63 $19,050

Blind Structure

Level Blinds Ante
1 50-100 0
2 75-150 0
3 75-150 25
4 100-200 25
5 150-300 50
6 200-400 50
7 250-500 75
8 300-600 75
9 400-800 100
10 500-1,000 100
11 600-1,200 200
12 800-1,600 200
13 1,000-2,000 300
14 1,200-2,400 400
15 1,500-3,000 500
16 2,000-4,000 500
17 2,500-5,000 500
18 3,000-6,000 1,000
19 4,000-8,000 1,000
20 5,000-10,000 1,000
21 6,000-12,000 2,000
22 8,000-16,000 2,000
23 10,000-20,000 3,000
24 12,000-24,000 4,000
25 15,000-30,000 5,000
26 20,000-40,000 5,000
27 25,000-50,000 5,000
28 30,000-60,000 10,000
29 40,000-80,000 10,000
30 50,000-100,000 15,000
31 60,000-120,000 20,000
32 75,000-150,000 25,000
33 100,000-200,000 25,000
34 125,000-150,000 25,000
35 150,000-300,000 50,000
36 200,000-400,000 50,000
37 250,000-500,000 75,000
38 300,000-600,000 75,000
39 400,000-800,000 100,000
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