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Day 1C ends with Alexis Urli Leading 171 Survivors

Level 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

Day 1C Chipleader Alexis Urli
The final starting flight at the World Poker Tour Montreal Main Event has come to a close and the overall field size is 732 players. There were 390 players on Day 1C and 171 have advanced to join the 131 that already made it through during the previous starting flights.

The chip leader at the end of play tonight is Alexis Urli (pictured above) with 290,700. Other top stacks were bagged up by Marc-Andre Ladouceur (205,900), Alexandre Blanc (176,100), Ivan Mamuzic (166,800), and Gary Lucci (163,400).

The notables that survived Day 1C were Antonio Esfandiari, Tim Reilly, Cornel Cimpan, Chanracy Khun, Curt Kohlberg, Russell Thomas, Dave Swanson, Anthony Zinno, Paul Volpe, Danny Suied, Dylan Wilkerson, Dan Kelly, Xuan Liu, and Valerie Ross.

The familiar faces that weren't so lucky and made their exit today were Will Failla, Mike Dentale, Ari Engel, Paul Klann, Mike Linster, Keven Stammen, Giacomo Fundaro, and Micah Raskin.

The total prize pool was also released late tonight and it is $2,192,888. The top 90 players in the tournament will all make at least $4,791. The eventual champion will take home $408,932 at the conclusion of the final table on Wednesday, November 26.

Day 2 will start at noon ET on Sunday at the Playground Poker Club. Tune back in at that time to follow all of the big hands, chip counts, photos, and videos from the WPT Live Updates team. That's all for now, goodnight from the province of Quebec in Canada.

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10:48 PM, 11/22/14

Official Prizepool Released (Amounts in US $)

Level 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

With 732 total entrants, the prizepool for the WPT Montreal event reached $2,192,888. The final 90 players will finish in the money, guaranteed at least $4,791, and first prize is worth $408,932.

While the actual payouts will be made in Canadian dollars, the amounts listed here on have been converted to U.S. dollars for consistent comparisons with other WPT events.

Here is the complete prizepool:

1st:  $408,932*
2nd:  $276,472
3rd:  $178,174
4th:  $131,778
5th:  $98,670
6th:  $79,725
7th:  $66,004
8th:  $52,494
9th:  $39,426
10th-12th:  $29,190
13th-15th:  $23,304
16th-18th:  $20,260
19th-21st:  $17,860
22nd-24th:  $15,901
25th-27th:  $13,942
28th-36th:  $12,195
37th-45th:  $10,456
46th-54th:  $8,930
55th-63rd:  $7,403
64th-72nd:  $6,318
73rd-81st:  $5,444
82nd-90th:  $4,791

* First prize amount includes $15,400 seat into the WPT World Championship.

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10:45 PM, 11/22/14

Chop Suey Part II for Russell Thomas

Level 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

The board reads 8heart6heart3spadeAclub when Russell Thomas bets 2,800 on the button. The cutoff calls and the river falls Jclub. Thomas bets 3,400 and his opponent calls again. Thomas flips over Adiamond9diamond but for the second time today his opponent holds the same hand (Aheart9heart), and they chop up the pot.

Russell Thomas - 109,000 (109 bb)

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10:32 PM, 11/22/14

10-Minute Warning

Level 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

With 10 minutes remaining, each table will play out its final hands. When action ends, we will collect official chip counts from the top chipleaders and other notables still in the field.

The full list of official chip counts will be posted later tonight when they are released by the casino.

The official prizepool has just been released, and will be posted soon.

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10:29 PM, 11/22/14

Day 1 Chipleader Bonus: Monster DNA Headphones

Level 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

Dinner Break Chipleader Yann Dion 1
For being the chipleader at the Day 1A dinner break, Yann Dion (pictured above) received a free pair of special edition partypoker-branded Monster DNA Headphones. The winner of the Day 1B dinner-break headphones was Mike Leah, and today's winner was Eric Aucoin.

There is still another pair of headphones up for grabs today, as the end-of-day chipleader will receive a free pair of standard Monster DNA Headphones.

Of course, the most impressive way to win your Monster Headphones is by winning this WPT event; in addition to the other prizes, the winner will receive a pair of gold Monster 24K Headphones.

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10:11 PM, 11/22/14

partypoker Qualifier Chip Update

Level 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

James Currie - 127,000 (127 bb)
Jeremie Damret - 115,000 (115 bb)
Ashley Cheung - 75,000 (75 bb)
Patrick Cartier - 57,000 (57 bb)
Kerry Long - 55,000 (55 bb)
Mathieu Gagniere - 46,000 (46 bb)
William Maloney - 43,000 (43 bb)
Matthieu Duguay - 41,000 (41 bb)
Marc-Andre Lecompte - 34,000 (34 bb)
Angelo Solinas - 32,000 (32 bb)
Kyle Laughren - 31,000 (31 bb)
Denis Cyr - 24,000 (24 bb)
Steven Maiffredy - 17,000 (17 bb)
Johannes Willemsen - Eliminated
Alexandre Jouve - Eliminated
Maurizio LeRusso - Eliminated
Michael David Yeomans - Eliminated
Shane Flewelling - Eliminated
Corey Walker - Eliminated
Mickael Pages - Eliminated
Florian Tissier - Eliminated
Victor Choupeaux - Eliminated
Paul Bourne - Eliminated 

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09:57 PM, 11/22/14

The Twitternet: Reilly's Wild Ride

Level 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

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09:43 PM, 11/22/14

Level 10 Begins (213 Players Left on Day 1C)

Level 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

Level 9 comes to an end, and Level 10 begins with increased blinds of 500-1,000 and a 100 ante. Play continues without a break, and this will be the last level of the night. (Action should end around 10:35 pm.)

With 213 players remaining from a Day 1C field of 390, the average chip stack is about 55,000 (55 big blinds).

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09:41 PM, 11/22/14

Will Failla (Finally) Eliminated

Level 9: 400-800, 100 ante

After a very short-stacked Will Failla stayed alive because of a three-way chop with seven high, he folds his next two hands (in the hijack and middle position).

The third hand after chopping with seven high, a player min-raises UTG+1 to 1,200, Failla moves all in for 1,100, and Thi Nguyen calls from the big blind.

Nguyen and her opponent check to the turn on a board of QheartJheart7clubJspade, and Nguyen bets 1,000. Her opponent folds, and Nguyen takes the side pot worth 200.

Nguyen shows Qclub5heart for a pair of queens, and Failla turns over 8diamond5club for eight high -- Failla is drawing dead.

The meaningless river card is the 6heart, and Nguyen wins the pot with her pair of queens to (finally) eliminate Will Failla from the tournament.

Thi Nguyen  -  51,000  (85 bb)
Will Failla  -  Eliminated

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09:38 PM, 11/22/14

Recent Eliminations

Level 9: 400-800, 100 ante

Richard Munro, Kane Kalas, Matt Jarvis, Shyan Srinivasan and Champions Club member Keven Stammen are among those who have recently been eliminated.

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09:25 PM, 11/22/14
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