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Bodo Sbzresny Leads the WPT Prague Final Table

Level 25: 15,000-30,000, 5,000 ante

(Photo: Bodo Sbrzesny)

Day Four of the PartyPoker World Poker Tour (WPT) belonged to Bodo Sbrzesny. The PartyPoker Team Pro having a little party of his own, and he didn't want to invite anyone. Every single person who came knocking at the door had it slammed right in their face. Sbrzesny is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, but today he was an animal. The switch was flipped. He ate people alive.

It took just five levels to make our way to the final table, and Sbrzesny was the man mainly responsible for the speed of the eliminations. Well that and some kamikaze poker.

Here is the Day Four recap.

The day started with 22-players, but only 21 of them showed up for action. Sergei Vasilyev was a complete no-show for the entire first level. The first elimination of the day belonged to Lars Bonding from Denmark. He moved all-in from the small blind holding Jdiamond 9club and Simon Ravnsbaek called in the big blind holding Tclub Tdiamond. Ravnsbaek hit a set of tens and Bonding was knocked down to 170,000. Those chips went into the middle a few hours later when Bonding was holding Tx 9x and Konstantinov Danilov called holding pocket kings; Bonding was out.

(Photo: Lars Bonding)

The last-remaining player from the UK departed next. Daniel Rudd getting unfortunate when his time came to play the all-in and call game. Rudd holding the dominating Aclub Jheart v Aheart 9spade of Marcin Wydrowski, but the 9club on the flop enough to send the cash game player out.

Yann Dion started the day in the middle of the pack, and when he found pocket kings to call an all-in versus Alin Grasu he must have been very happy indeed. Grasu turned over Aspade 4club and must of surely thought he was out until a four on the flop, and a special one on the river, doubled him up. That hand sent Dion on a spiralling descent down the charts. His final stand came when he moved all-in for 165,000 in the small blind, holding 7heart 5diamond and Wydrowski called with Qheart 4heart and hit a queen on the flop.

(Photo: L-R Yann Dion & Marcin Wydrowski)

Two more eliminations to finish the level. Elio Fox started the day terribly after doubling up Dermot Blain, but he got right back into the action with a series of big pots that included the elimination of Frank Stumpf. Fox flopping the nuts on Jheart 8diamond 7heart at the same time Stumpf flopped top pair with Aheart Jspade. Then we lost our Polish rapper, Wojciech Lozowski, after he jammed with Kheart Qheart and Danilov snapped him off with pocket nines.

(Photo: L-R Wojciech Lozowski & Elio Fox)

17 left and Marcin Wydrowski and Konsatntin Danilov were neck and neck at the top with 1.9 million.

The 23rd level had only matured by a few hands when we lost our last remaining WPT Champions Club member. Season IX Vienna winner, Dmitry Gromov, losing a flip to Alin Grasu Theart Tdiamond<Aheart Qclub to leave the competition. Then we had a few moments of minor madness that resulted in a huge chip lead for Bodo Sbrzesny. Sbrzesny opened the button and then called a 500,000 shove by Simon Ravnsbaek in the small blind. It was Aheart 7heart for Sbrzesny, Jdiamond 2spade for Ravnsbaek and the Dane was out after Sbrzesny hit  the 7club on the flop.

(Photo: Simon Ravnsbaek)

Then Sergei Vasilyev eventually showed up. He took his chair, placed his bag on the floor, swept his scarf around his neck and started to play. Then a few hands into his first orbit Alexander Lakhov opened, Sbrzesny called before Vasilyev thought it would be a great idea to ship 30BB with Qspade 4club. Sbrzesny snapped him off with Aclub Kdiamond and Vasilyev was out before he had even gotten started.

The level ended with four more eliminations. Ali Grasu continued his mini revival after disposing of the Day 1B chip leader Mikhail Mazunin: Ax Qx > Ax Tx. Then Marcin Wydrowski eliminated Dermot Blain: Adiamond Kclub > 9club 9diamond, before Bodo Sbrzesny closed up his wonder show with the eliminations of Jason Mercier and Kevin MacPhee.

Mercier didn't have much when he moved with Jclub 8heart, Sbrzesny called with Aspade 5diamond, and despite hitting top two pair on the flop, Sbrzesny took his impressive scalp by turning the nut flush. Mercier was out, once again desperately close to a WPT Final Table. With one American out of the way the German set his sights on his second. Kevin MacPhee shoving with Aheart 7club and Sbrzesny finding the call with 8club 8heart.

(Photo: Kevin MacPhee)

The level ended with 10-players remaining and Sbrzesny in the chip lead with four million chips.

Two eliminations in the level before dinner. Marcin Wydrowski first crippled Fabian Quoss before returning to finish off the job. The board was showing Jclub 8diamond 7club 3heart 8heart when Quoss - who had already invested around 100k in the pot - bet 100,000 on the river and was raised to 225,000 by his opponent. Quoss tanked for a while before eventually calling and Wydrowski showed 8spade 7diamond for the boat. Quoss mucked and was down to 191,000. Those went into the middle shortly after with Quoss holding Qclub 9heart and Wydrowski called holding Aspade 8club.

(Photo: Fabian Quoss)

Then we finished with the elimination of Konstantin Danilov at the hands of Tony Chang, after the pair decided to play for stacks on a flop of 6heart 5club 4heart. Danilov held 6diamond 3club, Chang Aheart Aclub and Danilov missed everything to become our 11th place finished.

Heading into the dinner and we had 8-players remaining with Sbrzesny in the chip lead with 4.6 million chips.

The 25th level proved to be our last as the final two players fell through the floor to leave us with our final six berths. The eighth place finisher was Daniel Ospina from Colombia. He had been hoovering up blinds and antes for some time until eventually Bodo Sbrzesny found the call. It was pocket kings for Bodo and Aheart 6heart for Ospina. Any hopes that Ospina may have had for a suckout evaporated on the flop after Bodo hit quad kings.

The final elimination was the former WSOPE Main Event champion, Elio Fox. The hand that got him into trouble occured against Tony Chang. Chang opened to 65,000 in early position, Fox three-bet to 155,000 in the hijack, Chang made it 500,000, Fox moved all-in and Chang called. You could tell by the look on the face of Fox that he wasn't happy. It was jacks for Fox and kings for Chang. A big mis-step from Fox and five cards later he was down to a shove or fold strategy. His final act was to move all-in holding Aclub Jdiamond and he was called by the chip leader Sbrzesny and his pocket eights. Sbrzesny wasn't in the mood for losing flips and this final hand was no different. The board ran out Qheart 9diamond 3heart 9heart 8spade and Fox was out.

(Photo: The Elio Fox Exit Hand)

And that's the end of the action folks. The final table has been set in stone and when we start tomorrow at 13:00 (CET). You can either watch the live updates, as you have done all week, or listen to the awe inspiring tones of Jesse May and a range of guests on the live stream. In the meantime, here is that final table.

Final Table

Seat 1: Alin Grasu - 855,000
Seat 2: Marcin Wydrowski - 2,745,000
Seat 3: Tony Chang - 3,610,000
Seat 4: Michael Gagliano - 2,375,000
Seat 5: Bodo Sbrzesny - 4,605,000
Seat 6: Alexander Lakhov - 2,815,000

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09:38 PM, 12/08/12

Daniel Ospina Eliminated in 8th Place (€40,660)

Level 25: 15,000-30,000, 5,000 ante

Daniel Ospina open jams for around 400,000 and Bodo Sbzresny calls. Oh dear! Not many people have escaped showdown's with the German today.


Sbrzesny: Kclub Kheart
Ospina: Aheart 6heart

Flop: Kdiamond Kx 2club

Well that's the end of that then! Ospina is out in eighth and Sbrzesny now has 4,500,000 chips.

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07:58 PM, 12/08/12

Ospina Moving All-In

Level 24: 12,000-24,000, 4,000 ante

Daniel Ospina Moves all-in for 372,000 in early position and everyone folds.

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06:18 PM, 12/08/12

Chang Gets Value From Ospina

Level 24: 12,000-24,000, 4,000 ante

Before the hand started Tony Chang has 2.8 million and Daniel Ospina 575,000.

Chang opens to 50,000 in the small blind and Daniel Ospina calls in the big blind.

Flop: Adiamond Qclub 7heart

Change bets 50,000 and Ospina calls.

Turn: 5spade

Both players check.

River: 2club

Chang bets 106,000 and Ospina folds.

Chang ~ 3 million
Ospina ~ 375,000

Sorted In: Tony Chang, Daniel Ospina, Season XI, Corinthia Casino
05:38 PM, 12/08/12

Wydrowski From the Button

Level 23: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante

Marcin Wydrowski opens the button and Daniel Ospina defends. Wydrowski is playing off a stack of 2.3 million and Ospina 560,000.

Flop: Kspade 3heart 2spade

Both players check.

Turn: Tdiamond

Ospina leads for 42,000 and Wydrowski calls.

River: 9diamond

Ospina checks, Wydrowski bets 133,000 and Ospina tank-folds.

Ospina ~ 468,000
Wydrowski ~ 2,400,000

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04:28 PM, 12/08/12

Lewis Lack of Luck

Level 18: 3,000-6,000, 1,000 ante

Toby Lewis
Daniel Ospina opens to 16,000 on the button, Toby Lewis three-bets to 36,000 in the small blind, Ospina moves all-in for around 180,000 more and Lewis calls.


Lewis: Aheart 9spade
Ospina: Kspade 9diamond

"Nice hand." Says Ospina.

The flop is Adiamond 7spade 6heart and Lewis is a big favourite to win this hand. The turn, 5spade, puts a potential split pot on board, and the river 8spade produces just that. The spoils are shared. Ospina just got very fortunate.

Lewis ~ 430,000
Ospina ~ 240,000

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07:00 PM, 12/07/12

Daniel Ospina Takes The lead

Level 8: 300-600, 75 ante

Jacek Ladny opens from under the gun, the cutoff calls as does Daniel Ospina on the button.

Flop: Qdiamond 7heart 3heart

Ladny bets 3,300, the cutoff folds and Ospina makes the call.

Turn: 8spade

Ladny bets 5,5000 and Ospina makes the call.

River: Tclub

Ladny puts on the brakes. He taps the felt and Ospina puts him all-in. You can tell that there has been some tension at this table. Ladny finally calls and Ospina shows Tdiamond Theart - he got there at the river. The player to his left is not a happy pappy.

"You are a Luckbox. A real Luckbox. One out here…two outs there…this is not poker…it's sick…great poker." The man fires into the side of the face of Ospina.

Ospina doesn't hear him, he is too busy stacking his chip leading stack, which stands at 170,000.

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11:17 PM, 12/05/12
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