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Paolo Compagno

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Paolo Compagno Eliminated by Ryan O’Donnell

Level 14: 1,200-2,400, 400 ante

The girlfriend of the Italian Paolo Compagno can finally take off those high heels. She has supported him by the rail through five levels of utter boredom. Now that’s what you call love. But Compagno has reached a dead end in his WPT Baden dream, and we can piece the exit hand together courtesy of our friends in the German media.

O’Donnell made the min-raise and Compagno saw a flop from the big blind. It was Kspade 9club 7spade, Compagno checks, O’Donnell bet 5,000, Compagno moved all-in and O’Donnell called.


O’Donnell: 9spade 6spade

Compagno: Jspade Tclub

The ace of spades on the river was the card that ended the hand. Compagno was out and O’Donnell moved up to 350,000.

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11:35 PM, 02/21/13

Kicker Plays

Level 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

Paolo Compagno opens to 2,100, Gerald Brandlmayer calls in the cut off and Tomaz Kogovsek calls on the button.

Flop: 5club 5heart 5diamond

Everyone checks.

Turn: 6spade

Compagno bets 9,000, Brandlmayer snap-calls and Kogovsek folds.

River: 2diamond

Both players check and it’s a battle of the aces that is won by Brandlmayer.


Brandlmayer: Aspade Jdiamond
Compagno: Adiamond 4heart

Brandlmayer ~ 80,000
Compagno ~ 150,000 

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04:20 PM, 02/21/13

Leon Louis Eliminated by Paolo Compagno

Level 6: 200-400, 50 ante

Leon Louis
Paolo Compagno has just dumped Leon Louis out of the competition. We catch the action at the death knell. The board is showing Jdiamond 5diamond 3heartAheart Tdiamond and there are three players involved in the hand. Paolo Compagno checks, Niki Kovacs bets 1,100 and Leon Louis moves all-in for 11,250. The action is now on Compagno – who is the meat in the sandwich – and he decides to call. Kovacs gesticulates wildly before folding what he says is Kspade Qspade, for the straight. Louis shows pocket tens for the rivered set and Compagno shows Kheart Qheart for the straight.

Louis' face is an absolute picture.

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08:58 PM, 02/20/13

Heavy Betting Not Heavy Petting

Level 5: 150-300, 50 ante

Paolo Compagno raises to 675 in first position, Robert Gorodinsky three-bets to 1,500 two seats to his left, and everyone else allows the two to tango - Compagno just flatting.

Flop: 8club 3heart 2club

Compagno checks, Gorodinsky bets 2,100, Compagno bets 5,100, Gorodinsky bets 15,000 and Compagno bets 27,100. Every single bet had a little bit of bite about it.  In the end Gorodinsky got the message and folded.

“Nice bluff,” he said.

“I had nines,” said Compagno.

“That’s a lie,” said Gorodinsky, “I had nines…which two did you have?”

Compagno ~ 75,000
Gorodinsky ~ 53,000

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08:12 PM, 02/20/13
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