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Tough Luck on Shatilov

Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

The Day Three life of Andrey Shatilov has lasted approx. 10-minutes. The action folded around to the big Russian, on the button, and he moved all-in for a little over 10BB; Oswin Ziegelbecker called in the big blind.


Ziegelbecker: Aclub 2diamond
Shatilov: Aheart 3diamond

Board: Qclub 6club 5heart 2spade 8heart

Tough luck on the Russian; the deuce on the turn sends him out in 44th place.

Ziegelbecker ~ 245,000

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02:20 PM, 02/22/13

Check it Down

Level 13: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante

Michael Csango opens from under the gun to 4,400 and two players call. Johnny Hansen is the first to call from the very next seat and then Andrey Shatilov calls from the small blind.

Unfortunately for the action junkies out there that is the last of the betting because the trio check down the JdiamondJspade9heartKheartTspade board, Hansen winning the pot with his AdiamondKspade.

Sorted In: Michael Csango, Johnny Hansen, Andrey Shatilov, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
10:35 PM, 02/21/13

Stazsko Mounts a Charge up the Counts

Level 12: 800-1,600, 200 ante

Martin Staszko

The flop reads Tclub8spade4spade and Andrey Shatilov is poised to act in middle position in this heads up pot He reaches for chips, they’re worth 4,200, and he puts them across the betting line. Martin Stazsko is his sole opponent, in the cutoff, and he calls.

The Qdiamond on the turn is greeted with another bet, this one worth 9,200 from Shatilov. Again, Staszko calls. The Kspade is the river card and Shatilov fires a third barrel, this one 16,200 and the pot is starting to really swell. Staszko quickly calls and the players are instructed to showdown their hands.

Stazsko: Tdiamond8diamond
Shatilov: 6diamond6heart

Stazsko’s two pair wins him the pot and he is within touching distance of the chip leader.

Sorted In: Featured Blog, Martin Staszko, Andrey Shatilov, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
08:32 PM, 02/21/13

Przygoda Takes on Shatilov

Level 11: 600-1,200, 200 ante

Robert Przygoda is first to act on the button and he opens the betting with a raise. The small blind folds but Andrey Shatilov is in the big blind and he looks like he is debating to at least call here. He does more than that, he three-bets to 8,600.

Przygoda still believes that his own holding is the best and he four-bets to 17,000. Shatilov will wait for a better spot to commit more chips, as he folds.

Sorted In: Robert Przygoda, Andrey Shatilov, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
05:48 PM, 02/21/13

Shatilov Wins The War

Level 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

We reported earlier that WPT National Series Vienna winner Tomaz Kogovsek flashed a cheeky bluff at Andrey Shatilov. Kogovsek may have won that particular battle, but as you will see Shatilov ultimately won the war.

Samuel Guilabert opens to 2,200, Kogovsek three-bets to 4,700, Shatilov four-bets to 8,500, Guilabert folds, Kogovsek five-bets to 21,000, Shatilov moves all-in and Kogovsek calls.

It’s pocket kings for Shatilov and ace-king for Kogovsek. The board steers clear of any upset and Kogovsek is sent packing.

Shatilov ~ 227,000

Sorted In: Featured Blog, Andrey Shatilov, Tomaz Kogovsek, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
04:46 PM, 02/21/13

Contrasting Characters

Level 9: 400-800, 100 ante

Tomaz Kogovsek and Andrey Shatilov look like they are two worlds apart. Kogovsek slender, spectacled and skinny; Shatilov broad, brass and bold. But although their physical stature may be different, there is nothing separating their poker playing stature.

The action has found its way to a raising war between the WPT National Series Champion, Tomaz Kogovsek, seated on the button, and Andrey Shatilov seated in the small blind. Kogovsek opens, Shatilov three-bets from the small blind, that’s greeted with a four bet before Shatilov calls.

Flop: Jdiamond 5heart 4spade

Shatilov taps the felt, Kogovsek bets 5,700, Shatilov check-raises to 12,400; Kogovsek makes it 21,000 and Shatilov folds. Kogovsek very confidently flips over Aclub Tdiamond for the bluff and rakes in the pot.

Kogovsek ~ 98,000
Shatilov ~ 144,000


Sorted In: Tomaz Kogovsek, Andrey Shatilov, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
03:17 PM, 02/21/13

The Bulldozer: Andrey Shatilov

Level 6: 200-400, 50 ante

Anything getting in the way of Andrey Shatilov is just getting crushed at this moment in time. The Russian powerhouse has started the year well with a 6th place finish at this years PCA, and he is continuing that rich vein of form during Day 1A.

Here is the man in action.

Shatilov opens from the hijack and then calls a three-bet from the button. The flop is Aspade 8heart 4diamond and Shatilov check-calls a 2,600-button bet. The 7diamond is checked through on the turn and Shatilov takes the pot with a 5,600 bet on the river.

Shatilov ~ 125,000

Sorted In: Andrey Shatilov, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
09:04 PM, 02/19/13

Ahman’s Six-Bet Gets the Job Done!

Level 1: 50-100, ante

Andrey Shatilov opens the betting from UTG+1 with a raise to 250 and it looks like nobody wants to tangle with him. That is until the action reaches Frenchman Alban Juen on the button, who calls. The small blind gets out of the way but Meelis Ahman squeezes to 1,150 to put the focus back onto Shatilov.

Shatilov, who finished sixth at WPT Cyprus in Season 10, four-bet to 2,650 under the watchful eye of his opponents. Despite just calling the initial opening raise, Juen now five-bets to 5,750 which brings a wry smile to Shatilov’s face.

“Five?” asks Ahman before the dealer confirms the raise amount is to 5,750 in total. With that new information processed Ahman six-bets an additional 12,000 chips and both of his opponents’ cards hit the muck in record time!

Sorted In: Andrey Shatilov, Meelis Ahman, Alban Juen, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
03:06 PM, 02/19/13
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