Mike McDonald

Mike McDonald


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Earnings $610,283
Cashes 3
Final Tables 1
Titles 0
Tournaments Played 9

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The Clock Stops For Timex

Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

(Photo: The Timex Stare)

Elio Fox and Mike McDonald are engaged in a deep, meaningful and funny conversation. The words are flowing and the body language is relaxed. Then the dealer gives them cards and everything changes. It's showtime.

Timex opens to 6,000 from under the gun, the player on the button calls and Fox three-bets to 22,000 from the small blind. Timex doesn't want to be his friend anymore. Chatting replaced by four-betting as he makes it 42,000 to play. The meat in the sandwich folds and Fox thinks. Timex just stares, broken occasionally by the flick of his eyelids.

"I am all-in," says Fox.

The stoic look fades. Timex doesn't look happy, but he throws in a blue chip for the call. For a moment it looks like he mutters, "I shouldn't….." but it trails off into nothingness.


Fox: Aclub Adiamond
Timex: Theart Tdiamond

Board: Qheart 9diamond 3club 2club 4heart

Timex is out, but in true Timex fashion he wishes everyone well before leaving.

"Well that's a sigh of relief," says MacPhee in a show of respect, "Bye, bye Timex."

Fox ~ 570,000

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11:55 PM, 12/06/12

The Depth Charge by Timex

Level 9: 400-800, 100 ante

Mike McDonald is dropping bombs.


Timex raises to 1,600, Jason Tompkins three-bets to 3,700 on the button, Timex four-bets to 7,700 and Tompkins calls.

Flop: Kspade Qspade 5spade

Timex picks out a bet of 8,800 puts his arm out straight and drops the lot like a depth charge. Then he directs his full attention onto the face of Tompkins; and I mean full attention. Tompkins does things differently. He stares at the board and just dribbles his call across the line.

Turn: 6diamond

Here comes that depth charge again. Its 15,500 and the timing is immaculate; exactly the same length as all of his bets. The whole thing becomes a little bit much for Tompkins and he gets the hell out of dodge.

McDonald ~ 155,000
Tompkins ~ 50,000

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12:06 AM, 12/06/12

Andreas Wagner Doubles Through Mike McDonald

Level 4: 100-200, 25 ante

We only caught the tail end of the action but could see Andreas Wagner doubling up through Mike McDonald.


Wagner: Kdiamond Kclub
McDonald: Qx Qx

Despite that double up, Timex has had a wonderful first four levels and ends with around 90,000. Wagner has 32,000.

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05:33 PM, 12/05/12
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