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Cosic Continues to Climb

Level 6: 200-400, 50 ante

Senadin Cosic is sat behind several stacks of chips that if you add up their net worth total 135,000. This amount makes him our chip leader at present, though he still has to add a further 20,000 if he wants to lead the tournament overall.

We asked how Cosic built such a large stack and according to his table mates he has been catching cards and hitting flops including cracking the kings of Dr Beiyan Yu with the lowly five-four!

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08:42 PM, 02/20/13

Cosic Takes on Talented Duo

Level 5: 150-300, 50 ante

Thomas Butzhammer is under the gun but his poor table position does not prevent him from opening the betting. He does so with a raise to 600. Butzhammer’s raise folds out the next two players but Dutchman Paul Berende calls. Senadin Cosic has the button and he raises to 2,500.  Butzhammer quickly folds but Berende sticks around and calls.

After burning a card the dealer places the AspadeJdiamond5club flop onto the felt, just the flop you would imagine would spark some action after how the preflop betting round went down. Berende checks to his sole opponent, who bets 3,100. Berende sits motionless for a few moments before deciding to look for a better spot in which to risk his chips.

Sorted In: Thomas Butzhammer, Paul Berende, Senadin Cosic, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
07:43 PM, 02/20/13

Senadin Cosic is Having a Good Day

Level 4: 100-200, 25 ante

The action folds around to Marcus van Opzeeland on the button and he makes a raise for 500. Senadin Cosic is seated in the small blind and makes the call, Ryan O’Donnell folds in the big.

Flop: Aheart 3spade 2club

Cosic very quickly check-calls a 900 van Opzeeland bet.

Turn: 4heart


River: Kclub

Cosic turns into the leader. He makes it 2,000 and van Ozeeland’s hand goes into the muck faster than a meerkat running from an eagle.

Cosic is having a good day at the office.

Cosic ~ 82,000

Sorted In: Senadin Cosic, Marcus van Opzeeland, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
05:59 PM, 02/20/13
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