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Jeremie Sochet Eliminated in 8th Place (€19,055)

Level 21: 6,000-12,000, 2,000 ante

Jeremie Sochet & Jason Wheeler
Rinat Bogdanov raises to 27,000 in the cutoff and Jeremie Sochet moves all-in from the small blind for 94,000 more. The action folds back around to Bogdanov and he makes the call.

Bogdanov: Kspade Jspade
Sochet: Jclub Jheart

The flop is safe for Sochet Tspade 8spade 4club but the Kclub on the turn places his tournament life at risk. Sochet is left hoping for a Jack on the river but instead we get the Kdiamond and Sochet is out.

Bogdanov ~ 723,000

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02:51 PM, 02/09/12

Bogdanov Doubles Up

Level 21: 6,000-12,000, 2,000 ante

Rinat Bogdanov
(Photo: Rinat Bogdanov)

Rinat Bogdanov raises to 25,000 from first position and Jeremie Sochet makes the quick call two seats to his left. The pair of them share a flop of Qclub 8diamond 5spade and Bogdanov c-bets 25,000 and Sochet calls. On the turn we see the Jheart and this time Bogdanov slows down and checks. Sochet dives straight into his chips and lays out a bet of 25,000, Bogdanov takes his time and makes the call.

The river card is the 9spade and Bogdanov verbally declares he is all in. The count is revealed and it is the sum of 122,000. Sochet says something to him in Italian before finally calling and Bogdanov turns over Tdiamond Theart for the rivered straight. A gutted Sochet throws 5club 5heart face up on the table for a flopped set.

Bogdanov ~ 410,000
Sochet ~ 206,000

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01:35 PM, 02/09/12

Ravnsbaek Rocking at WPT Venice Grand Prix

Level 20: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante

Simon Ravnsbaek
(Photo: Simon Ravnsbaek)

The World Poker Tour (WPT) Venice Grand Prix Day 3 will be remembered for the battles between Andrea Dato, Simon Ravnsbaek and Marcel Bjerkmann. The trio of loose aggressive players clashed continuously, and it was easy to forget that there was anyone else even playing in the room!

At the end of six pulsating levels of poker it was Simon Ravnsbaek, who not only won the battle of the LAGs, but finished as the chip leader with 795,000 chips. Ravnsbaek is no stranger to WPT final tables after finishing in 3rd place in last seasons difficult tournament held in the Austrian capital of Vienna, and he will hoping to make it WPT final table number two when play resumes tomorrow at 13.00 (CET).

The day started with Kara Scott and Carla Solinas holding the mantle as our final two female players. Solinas was not only playing to get into the money, but also the pride of finishing as the WPT Venice Last Woman Seating for the third consecutive year (events held in this casino). When Kara Scott goes to bed tonight she will be counting small pocket pairs instead of sheep. Scott had played superbly throughout the entire tournament but as everyone knows you have to win your flips. Scott couldn't win either of hers when it mattered, and her pocket fives and threes sent her to the rail far too early in this competition.

WPT Venice Day 3 024
(Photo: Kara Scott)

The departure of Scott confirmed Solinas as the last woman seating but she found herself standing just moments later. When her exit came it was awful, after she found herself all-in with ace-king against the dominated ace-jack of Alessandro Longobardi. Longobardi sucked out and gave his fellow countrywoman a consolatory hug.

Carla Solinas
(Photo: Carla Solinas)

As we moved into Level 15 our chip leader was the enigmatic and controversial Marcel Bjerkmann and he was being chased by the American Jason Wheeler. Level 15 was also the time for the money bubble to burst and the unfortunate poster boy was Lionel Tran. Tran was one of the tightest players left in the competition so it really must have hurt him when Bjerkmann cracked his pocket kings with the massive Jheart 4heart to send him home without any pay.

Lionel Tran
(Photo: Lionel Tran)

After the elimination of Tran we braced ourselves for usual deluge of eliminations but they just didn't seem to come. The stacks were fairly deep and the short stacked players were just sitting tight. Bjerkmann was wreaking absolute havoc and would have been the favourite to make final table. Tran's elimination meant we were now down to the final two tables and Bjerkmann found himself sandwiched between Ravnsbaek and Dato, a position from which his tournament started to go downhill and rapidly.

WPT Venice Day 3
(Photo L-R Dato, Mosele, Bjerkmann, Ravnsbaek)

Bjerkmann was still unracking his mighty stack when he raised from early position. Simon Ravnsbaek three-bet one seat to his left and when the action folded around to Bjerkmann he moved all-in. Ravnsbaek called with pocket queens and Bjerkmann turned over Aspade 4heart with so much confidence and swagger everyone thought he was holding pocket aces. Ravnsbaek doubled up and it allowed him to start playing back at Dato, who had been giving him a hard time all day.

Marcel Bjerkmann & Simon Ravnsbaek
(Photo: L-R Bjerkmann & Ravnsbaek)

Moving into Level 17 and the American Jason Wheeler had overtaken Bjerkmann as the chip leader. Wheeler seemed to have complete control over his very nitty table with only Marko Neumann seemingly willing to tangle with the online dynamo.

Jason Wheeler
(Photo: Jason Wheeler)

Then we saw a hand that lifted Bjerkmann into orbit. Bjerkmann check-raised on a flop of Qclub 8heart 7spade in a three-way pot with Dato and James Akenhead. Dato made the call and we saw the 8diamond on the turn. Bjerkmann bet again and once again Dato called. On the river we saw the 4heart and Bjerkmann bet strongly for a third consecutive time and Dato went still. He thought for a good two minutes before calling and Bjerkmann was forced to show a complete airbag. Dato then turned his cards over and he had sevens full of eights.

"That is the sickest slow roll I have ever had in my life. Do not talk to me dude. If you see me in the street do not talk to me," said an irate Bjerkmann.

WPT Venice Day 3
(Photo: L-R Dato, Mosele, Bjerkmann)

After that hand the table descended into chaos with Bjerkmann verbally attacking Dato at every possible opportunity. In the end the floor stepped in and warned Bjerkmann that if he didn't respect his fellow players he would suffer the consequences. The admonishment did the trick, and Bjerkmann's lips remained tightly shut, but it was the beginning of the end for the Norwegian.

Level 18 next and it was Andrea Dato who held the chip lead, closely followed by Simon Ravnsbaek and Jason Wheeler. One man who had dropped from grace on Day 3 was James Akenhead. The recent Sunday Million winner was on a mini heater but he failed to get further than 14th place after having his aces cracked by that man Bjerkmann. Then Ravnsbaek managed to get a five bet shove through Andrea Dato and took the chip lead at the same time.

Then after Marko Neumann fell at the hands of Andrea Carini, Gianluca Trebbi found himself with the label of the luckiest man in the room, after a five bet bluff shove against the then chip leader Simon Ravnsbaek. Ravnsbaek snapped him off with pocket kings and a red faced Trebbi was forced to show the room his lowly 9club 8diamond. The flop came down 4diamond 3diamond 2club and the water taxi was already parked outside waiting to take Trebbi home. Then a 8club turn and 9diamond river showed us all what a fickle character poker can be and Trebbi was right back in the game.

Gianluca Trebbi
(Photo: Gianluca Trebbi)

It didn't take long for Ravnsbaek to recover though. After joking that he would now tilt away the rest of his chips he won a fantastic pot from his nemesis Dato, before eliminating the man with plenty to say, Marcel Bjerkmann. Bjerkmann raised with Aheart 8heart before calling off a shove from Ravnsbaek holding pocket fives. The Dane's hand held and Bjerkmann walked out of the room with his white hotel slippers skidding along the floor.

During all of this action Alessandro Longobardi was just sat patiently watching a movie on his ipad. Each time we passed the table he was inconspicuous by his absence. Then in a series of hands he catapulted himself from a no-one man to one of the chip leaders. The person to feel the full force of the Italian might was the Russian Andrey Gulyy. Gulyy had flopped top set on a rainbow board and fired three streets into Longobardi who kept calling hoping to hit his draw. The draw completed on the river and Gulyy was enraged. A few hands later and Longobardi finished the job to book himself a second place spot just a few chips behind Ravnsbaek.

Andrey Gulyy
(Photo: Andrey Gulyy)

That was the last action of the night and here is the preliminary final table seat draw. Action resumes at 13.00 (CET) when we will play down to our televised final table of six players.

Final Nine Players

Seat 1: Andrea Dato: 726,000
Seat 2: Simon Ravnsbaek: 795,000
Seat 3: Andrea Carini: 430,000
Seat 4: Rinat Bogdanov: 201,000
Seat 5: Gianluca Trebbi: 474,000
Seat 6: Jeremie Sochet: 402,000
Seat 7: Jason Wheeler: 699,000
Seat 8: Alessandro Longobardi: 783,000
Seat 9: Massimo Mosele: 163,000

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01:50 AM, 02/09/12

Jeremie Sochet Doubles Up

Level 19: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante

Jeremie Sochet
(Photo L-R Carini & Sochet)

Andrea Carini limps into the pot and Jeremie Sochet moves all-in for 193,000. The action folds around to Jason Wheeler in the big blind and he smells a rat. He shows us 8x 8x before folding and Carini makes the call. When the cards were overturned Carini was indeed setting a trap, but the timing couldn't have been worse.

Carini turns over Qspade Qdiamond but Sochet has woken up with Aclub Aspade. Wheeler pats himself on the back and the dealer does his job and delivers five community cards. The board is Kdiamond 7heart 5spade 3diamond 7diamond and Sochet doubles up.

Sochet ~ 410,000
Carini ~ 195,000

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10:10 PM, 02/08/12

Set Over Set

Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Jeremie Sochet
(Photo: L-R Lepore, Sochet, Tran)

Gabriele Lepore raises to 8,000, Jeremie Sochet three-bets to 18,000 and Lepore makes the call. The flop is Jclub 6heart 3club rainbow and Lepore bets 15,000. Sochet raises to 40,000, Lepore moves all-in and Sochet calls.

Lepore turns over 3heart 3diamond for bottom set and Sochet turns over Jdiamond Jheart for top set. The turn and river were barren for Lepore and Sochet has a huge double up.

Sochet ~ 480,000
Lepore ~ 111,000

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03:15 PM, 02/08/12

Chiodo Eliminated by Sochet

Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

Jeremie Sochet now has 230,000 after eliminating Guido Chiodo. It was another pre flop flip with Sochet holding Ax Qx and Chiodo holding 7x 7x. The queen put her pretty face on the board and Chiodo was out.

Sochet ~ 230,000

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02:22 PM, 02/08/12

Double Take

Level 13: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante

Here are two short stack double ups.

Double Up No.1 - Lionel Tran

Lionel Tran just moved in over a Rocco Palumbo three bet and Palumbo made the call. Tran was holding pocket queens against the dominated pocket jacks of Palumbo. The board stayed true for Tran and he now has 45,000 while Palumbo has 110,000.

Double Up No. 2 - Jeremie Sochet

We join the action on a flop of 8club 6heart 3heart and the action is three-way. Jason Wheeler checks out of the big blind, Marko Neumann bets 8,500 and Jeremie Sochet calls. Back to Wheeler and he springs his move with a check-raise to 27,000. Neumann folds but Sochet moves all-in for 40,800 and Wheeler makes up the loose change.

Hands on their backs and Wheeler has 6diamond 3diamond for two pair and Sochet Kheart Kspade for the over pair. So Sochet was on his way out, until the dealer gave him the Kdiamond on the turn to hand Sochet a set. The river was irrelevant and Sochet doubles up.

Sochet ~ 95,000
Wheeler ~ 100,000

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07:17 PM, 02/07/12
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