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Bye-Bye Brits! Mitchell Johnson Has Been Eliminated

Level 18: 3,000-6,000, 1,000 ante

Marvin Rettenmaier cleaned up house during the bubble period, and he opens to 12,000 in early position. The last British player seated - Mitchell Johnson - makes the min-raise a few seats over, before Michael Csango moves all-in. Rettenmaier folds, Johnson calls and Csango says, ‘S**t!’


Csango: Jclub Jheart
Johnson: Aclub Kclub

Board: Qclub Qspade 3heart Tdiamond 8diamond

No need for the expletives Csango. Your flip was good. Johnson is out.

Csango ~ 380,000

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09:07 PM, 02/22/13

O’Donnell Shoves on Johnson

Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Mitchell Johnson is in middle position and first to act, he raises to 8,500. The next couple of players fold and the onus is on Ryan O’Donnell to act in the hijack. O’Donnell, who has just ordered a massage, moves all in for 65,000 in total.

The other players fold and Johnson asks for a count. He is not prepared to pay the extra chips and O’Donnell wins the pot.

Sorted In: Mitchell Johnson, Ryan ODonnell, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
04:34 PM, 02/22/13

Mitchell Hits Top Pair on the River

Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

On a QclubJspade4diamond8spadeKdiamond board, Mitchell Johnson leads for 12,500 from his seat under the gun. Ismael Bojang is his only opponent and he is sat in the cutoff.

Bojang looks like he is deep in thought and that he doesn’t believe the story that Johnson is trying to tell him. Eventually, after around 90-seconds’ deliberation, Bojang calls.

Johnson shows AdiamondKheart and Bojang mucks.

Sorted In: Ismael Bojang, Mitchell Johnson, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
02:56 PM, 02/22/13

Taubenschuss Terminated

Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

Thomas Taubenschuss has just been eliminated over on Table 15. Our roving photographer informed us Taubenschuss open-shoved with Ax2x and was called by Mitchell Johnson who held AxKx. Neither player improved to a pair meaning Mitchell’s king-kicker came into play, busted Taubenschuss.

Sorted In: Thomas Taubenschuss, Mitchell Johnson, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
02:21 PM, 02/22/13

Johnson Knows Scatragli Only Too Well

Level 11: 600-1,200, 200 ante

Mitchell Johnson opens to 2,400 in midfield and the lively Daniele Scatragli defends his big blind. The flop is Aspade Qdiamond 2heart and Scatragli check-calls a 1,800 Johnson c-bet. The turn is the Jspade, and this time Scatragli takes the lead, but Johnson isn’t interest and folds his hand.

“You know me only too well,” said Scatragli

Scatragli ~ 205,000
Johnson ~ 85,000


Sorted In: Mitchell Johnson, Daniele Scatragli, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
06:18 PM, 02/21/13

Cahill Comes Out on Top of Raising War with Johnson

Level 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

The action is on Mitchell Johnson, who is seated in the cutoff, and he rarely needs an excuse to raise and does exactly that, making it 2,300 to continue. Seamus Cahill is in the small blind and he three-bets to 6,100. The big blind has seen enough and he passes, but Johnson is not going anywhere just yet and he four-bets to 11,600. Cahill then moves all in but before the dealer can place the black rectangular all-in marker in front of Cahill, Johnson has mucked his hand.

Sorted In: Mitchell Johnson, Seamus Cahill, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
04:51 PM, 02/21/13

O’Reilly Obliterated

Level 9: 400-800, 100 ante

Scott Reilly
Daniele Scatragli opens from UTG+1 by raising to 1,600 and this folds out large section of the table. That is until it is the turn of Mitchell Johnson to act, in the cutoff, and he calls. Scott O’Reilly is in the big blind and he peels back his cards, checks his opponents’ stack sizes before calling.

The AspadeAclub2spade flop sees O’Reilly check and Scatragli lead for 2,000. Usually on these type of flop the first best takes it down, but not on this occasion. First, Johnson calls and then O’Reilly moves all-in for 19,800 in total. Scatragli stares at Johnson to gauge his reaction but Johnson is giving nothing away. Scatragli folds and Johnson snap-calls.

Johnson: AdiamondQheart
O’Reilly: Aheart7spade

A real cooler of a hand here on Table 16 and one that is going to end badly for O’Reilly. The 4club turn is no help at all and neither is the 3heart, O’Reilly losing out to Johnson’s queen-kicker.

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03:01 PM, 02/21/13

Johnson Shoves on Ahman

Level 9: 400-800, 100 ante

Estonian Meelis Ahman is the first player to act on Table 16 and he opens the betting by raiding to 1,900 in the cutoff. The button and small blind fold but Mitchell Johnson, in the big blind, asks how many chips Ahman has behind.

“Around 21,” comes the answer.

Johnson takes a peek at his hole cards before going back to thinking about his best plan of action. After 30 seconds Johnson announces that he is all in and Ahman folds in an instant.

Sorted In: Mitchell Johnson, Meelis Ahman, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
02:20 PM, 02/21/13
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