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Eric Froehlich

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Earnings $284,800
Cashes 3
Final Tables 1
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Tournaments Played 35

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Eric Froehlich Eliminated in 23rd Place ($38,710)

Level 21: 6,000-12,000, 2,000 ante

3166 Eric Froehlich Eliminated by Michael Squeaky Winnett
Photo: If you knew that Eric Froehlich (far left) and Michael "Squeaky" Winnett (walking, top right) were photographed after an all-in situation, you'd probably think that Winnett was walking away after busting out. But no, he walked away in celebration for some reason, while Froehlich was eliminated and left momentarily stunned at the table.

Eric Froehlich is all in for about 190,000 from the button following a Michael Winnett early-position raise to 24,000. Winnett calls with AheartQheart and has Froehlich's QspadeJspade dominated.

"Hearts hearts hearts," yells Winnett.

The flop falls Kdiamond7club2club to keep Winnett ahead, but the Jclub lands on the turn to give Froehlich the lead.

"Aww he gets so lucky...ten ten ten!" yells Winnett again.

The river isn't a ten, but it's just as good as the Aclub river falls to clnch the pot for Winnett.

An excited Winnett jumps up and down in celebration as Froehlich quietly makes his exit.

"Feels so good to make the right read," exclaimed Winnett.

"Yeah, great read," commented Paul Volpe sarcastically.

Michael Winnett  -  710,000  (59 bb)
Eric Froehlich  -  Eliminated in 23rd Place  ($38,710)

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06:17 PM, 02/26/13

Jennifer Harman Doubles Thru Eric Froehlich

Level 20: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante

2929 Jennifer Harman Doubles Thru Eric Froehlich
Photo: Eric Froehlich (left) waits for the dealer to verify his chips after Jennifer Harman (foreground right) doubled thru him.

Jennifer Harman min-raises from the hijack to 20,000, and Eric Froehlich calls from the button. The flop comes Qclub10club5diamond, Harman bets 20,000, Froehlich raises to 60,000, and Harman moves all in for 171,000.

Froehlich calls with KheartJclub (open-ended straight draw), and Harman turns over AclubJheart (gutshot straight draw).

The turn is the 6diamond, the river is the 8diamond, and both players miss their draws -- Harman wins the pot with ace high to double up in chips.

Jennifer Harman  -  404,000  (40 bb)
Eric Froehlich  -  575,000  (57 bb)

Sorted In: Jennifer Harman, Eric Froehlich, Commerce Casino, Season XI, L.A. Poker Classic
04:20 PM, 02/26/13

David Peters Doubles Thru Eric Froehlich

Level 19: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante

Eric Froehlich raises from the hijack to 19,000, Paul Klann calls from the small blind, and David Peters reraises from the big blind to about 50,000. Froehlich reraises to 125,000, and Klann folds.

Peters five-bets all in for 371,000, and Froehlich appears to take time to calculate his pot odds before he calls with 7club7spade. Peters turns over JclubJheart, and he'll need it to hold to stay alive.

The baord comes AclubKdiamond3heartKheartKspade, and David Peters wins the pot with a full house, kings full of jacks, to double up in chips.

David Peters  -  769,000  (96 bb)
Eric Froehlich  -  485,000  (60 bb)

Sorted In: David Peters, Eric Froehlich, Commerce Casino, Season XI, L.A. Poker Classic
01:55 PM, 02/26/13

Wartan Jalnakrian Eliminated in 51st Place ($21,840)

Level 18: 3,000-6,000, 1,000 ante

Wartan Jalnakrian moves all in preflop for 64,000 and Eric Froehlich calls. Their cards:

Froehlich: JdiamondJheart
Jalnakrian: AspadeQspade

Board: 9diamond8diamond3spade8heart5heart

Froehlich wins the hand and he is among the chip leaders with more than 800,000. Wartan is eliminated on the hand.

Eric Froehlich - 815,000 (135 bb)
Wartan Jalnakrian - Out in 51st Place ($21,840)

Sorted In: Wartan Jalnakrian, Eric Froehlich, Commerce Casino, Season XI, L.A. Poker Classic
01:00 PM, 02/26/13

Evan McNiff Eliminated in 58th Place ($18,360)

Level 18: 3,000-6,000, 1,000 ante

Evan McNif gets the last of his chips into the middle preflop from the hi-jack and Eric Froehlich calls on the button. Their cards:

Froehlich: 10diamond10spade
McNiff: Jdiamond10club

Board: Aspade8diamond5heart2diamond9diamond

Froehlich wins the hand to grow his stack above 850,000 and McNiff is eliminated on the hand.

Eric Froehlich - 865,000 (144 bb)
Evan McNiff - Out in 58th Place ($18,360)

Sorted In: Evan McNiff, Eric Froehlich, Commerce Casino, Season XI, L.A. Poker Classic
12:37 PM, 02/26/13

Levon Khachatryan vs. Eric Froehlich

Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

Levon Khachatryan raises to 6,000 from UTG+2 and receives calls from Eric Froehlich in the small blind and Mohsin Charania in the big blind.

The Jheart5heart3heart flop is checked around and when the 7diamond turn falls, Froehlich bets 10,500. Charania folds, Khachatryan raises to about 30,000, and Froehlich calls to see the 4diamond river. A check from Froehlich leads to bet of 45,000 from Khachatryan. Froehlich calls after a few moments and Khachatryan instantly mucks his hand.

Froehlich shows 3diamond3spade as he rakes in the pot.

Eric Froehlich - 355,000 (118 bb)
Levon Khachatryan - 173,000 (57 bb)

Sorted In: Levon Khachatryan, Eric Froehlich, Commerce Casino, Season XI, L.A. Poker Classic
05:46 PM, 02/25/13

Eric Froehlich Doubles Thru Farzad Bonyadi

Level 13: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante

Phil Laak raises to 4,700 from the hijack and Eric Froehlich three-bets to 10,700 from the button. Farzad Bonyadi four-bets to 28,000 from the small blind, which chases out Laak. Froehlich takes about 60 seconds before he calls to see a Qclub7spade2heart flop.

Bonyadi announces he is all in (for 83,800 effective) and after a few moments, Froehlich calls all in with AspadeQspade. Bonyadi is behind with AclubKclub and fails to catch up as the 8diamond turn and 7diamond river secure the double up for Froehlich.

Eric Froehlich - 230,000 (115 bb)
Farzad Bonyadi - 24,000 (12 bb)

Sorted In: Eric Froehlich, Farzad Bonyadi, Commerce Casino, Season XI, L.A. Poker Classic
03:08 PM, 02/25/13
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