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Steve O'Dwyer


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Earnings $567,996
Cashes 6
Final Tables 3
Titles 0
Tournaments Played 37

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O’Dwyer Eliminated

Level 11: 600-1,200, 200 ante

Steve O'Dwyer
Steve O’Dwyer has been eliminated from WPT Baden, but no doubt we will see him in the €10k High Roller later in the week.

Alexander Stark informed one of our German colleagues that O’Dwyer was all-in for 32,000 with AxKx and Mahir Cakmak had called with 8x8x. The snowmen held and O’Dwyer’s demise was completed. 

Sorted In: Steve ODwyer, Mahir Cakmak, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
06:12 PM, 02/21/13

Carpenter Chips Up

Level 11: 600-1,200, 200 ante

Tom Carpenter is under the gun and he raises from first position, making it 2,600 to play. The action folds around to Steve O’Dwyer in the big blind and he tosses in enough chips to call.

That is O’Dwyer’s last act in the hand because as he checks to Carpenter, who then bets and O’Dwyer has already folded by the time the chips hit the felt.

Sorted In: Tom Carpenter, Steve ODwyer, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
05:55 PM, 02/21/13

Steve O'Dwyer Coolered

Level 9: 400-800, 100 ante

Steve O’Dwyer has just suffered a cooler at the hands of Dogan Gungor. Our German media friends informed us that O’Dwyer opened with ace-three off-suit, Gungor three-bet and O’Dwyer called.  The flop was Ax 5x 3x and both players got it in with O’Dwyer holding two-pair and Gungor holding ace-jack for top pair. The turn was a brick, but the river was a jack and O’Dwyer was pounded down to 55,000.



Sorted In: Steve ODwyer, Dogan Gungor, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
03:21 PM, 02/21/13

O'Dwyer Fancies the Ace

Level 8: 300-600, 75 ante

Steve O'Dwyer
Lukas Berglund is the first man in the pot with a 1,500 bet in early position, Steve O’Dwyer calls one seat to his left as does the player seated on the button, and Stephen Andersen in the big blind.

Flop: 7diamond 6club 4club

Berglund is predictably the first to bet. He makes it 3,200 and both O’Dwyer and Andersen want to see fourth-street.

Turn: Aclub

This time you can hear the patter of tiny hands. Both Andersen and Berglund check and O’Dwyer just dumps a pile of blue 1k chips over the line. By the time the dealer has sorted them into two neat streaks, both players had already folded.

O’Dwyer ~ 75,000
Berglund ~ 65,000
Andersen ~ 40,000

Sorted In: Steve ODwyer, Stephen Andersen, Lukas Berglund, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
11:12 PM, 02/19/13

Simple Pot for O’Dwyer, But They All Count

Level 6: 200-400, 50 ante

From the hijack seat, Steve O’Dwyer sets the price to play at 1,050. Only Stephen Anderson, in the big blind, is prepared to pay this amount so it is heads-up to the 9heart9spade2club flop.

Anderson checks, O’Dwyer bets 900 and Anderson instantly folds. Easy game.

Sorted In: Steve ODwyer, Stephen Anderson, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
08:56 PM, 02/19/13

Berglund Not to be Denied

Level 5: 150-300, 50 ante

Stephen Andersen opens to 600 in early position; Lukas Berglund three-bets to 1,600 in the cut off, Steve O’Dwyer calls on the button and Gad Morgenstern perks up in the big blind. He rubs his chin, decides on a figure and makes it 3,600. Andersen mucks his hand but Berglund wants a verbal stack count from Morgenstern. Once the Swede is furnished with his information he raises to 6,500. O’Dwyer gets the hell out of dodge and Morgenstern also mucks his hand.

Berglund ~ 77,000
Anderson ~ 80,000
O’Dwyer ~ 45,000



Sorted In: Lukas Berglund, Stephen Anderson, Steve ODwyer, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
08:04 PM, 02/19/13

O’Dwyer Utilises the Power of Position

Level 3: 75-150, 25 ante

Klaus Stanek opens the betting with a raise to 450 and after Lukas Berglund folds, Steve O’Dwyer calls from the button. Both blinds fold and it is heads up to the KclubTspade7diamond flop.

Stanek leads for 600, using six red 100 denomination chips to make his bet. O’Dwyer calls, opting for a solitary yellow 500 chip and  single red 100 chip. The 4spade is our turn card and now Stanek checks, putting the action onto O’Dwyer. A few seconds later and O’Dwyer bets 1,500 and Stanek releases his hand.

Sorted In: Steve ODwyer, Klaus Stanek, Season XI, Casino Baden, WPT Baden
04:45 PM, 02/19/13
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