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Stjepan Jokic

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Stjepan Jokic is the First to Leave Day 4

Level 20: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante

Stjepan Jokic and Robert Przygoda
Stjepan Jokic opens the cutoff with a min-raise and then calls a shove by Robert Przygoda on the button.


Przygoda: Tdiamond Tclub

Jokic: 7diamond 7heart

Board: Aclub Kspade 4club Qdiamond 7diamond

Przygoda moves up to 370,000 and Jokic is our 20th place finisher.

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02:47 PM, 02/23/13

Stefan Rapp Bursts the Baden Bubble

Level 18: 3,000-6,000, 1,000 ante

Stefan Rapp
Stjepan Jokic opens the betting from late position and Stefan Rapp moves all in for 44,000 from the small blind. Jokic puts in the extra chips and calls, and once the hands are completed on the other tables the player’s turn over their cards.

Jokic: 9spade9heart
Rapp: 7diamond7heart

Rapp is in big danger of bursting the bubble, but his outlook is vastly improved as he’s flopped a set on a Aclub8club7club flop. The 3heart on the turn takes away any possibility of a split pot but the 9club on the turn improves Jokicto a bigger set and Rapp bursts the bubble here in the WPT Baden main event.

With Rapp’s exit, the surviving 27 players are now in the money, each of them has locked up a payday of at least $8,634.

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08:37 PM, 02/22/13

Jokic Forces Rettenmaier to Fold

Level 16: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

From under the gun Marvin Rettenmaier raises to 8,500 and then calls as Stjepan Jokic, sat three seats to Rettenmaier’s left three-bets to 18,500. The pair share a Jclub8club6heart flop, Rettenmaier checks and Jokic checks behind.

The turn is the 9club and Rettenmaier ups his aggression and fires a 23,500 bet at Jokic. Jokic seems unfazed by the substantial bet and he calls. The river brings the 9diamond into play and Rettenmaier reverts to checking. Jokic is in no mood to check it back though, and he tests Rettenmaier with a 56,000 bet. Rettenmaier eyes up Jokic’s remaining chips as if he is thinking of pushing all-in but he ultimately folds.

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05:27 PM, 02/22/13

Staszko Clashes With Jokic

Level 15: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

On a AheartTdiamond6spade flop Martin Staszko checks from the small blind over to Stjepan Jokic in the big blind. Jokic sets the price to play at 23,000. Staszko is staring at his opponent in an attempt to get some sort of read from him. We’re not sure if he picks something up but Staszko suddenly calls.

The Kclub turn gives the players a possible straight to consider and Staszko checks. Jokic continues with his story and he bets 32,000. Staszko goes back to studying his opponent before check-raising to 77,000. Jokic does not divert his eyes from the felt as he ponders what to do. Eventually he decided to fold and Staszko is shipped the pot.

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03:35 PM, 02/22/13

Jokic Bluffed by Weiss

Level 13: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante

The board displays Qdiamond 7heart 4diamond 7heart and Stjepan Jokic bets 16,000 from the big blind. Alois Weiss is in the big blind and makes the call. The river is the 8club and Jokic checks.

“All-In,” says Weiss.

Jokic has a look but decides to fold and Weiss shows him the lone 3heart.

Weiss ~ 170,000
Jokic ~ 355,000

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10:37 PM, 02/21/13

Stjepan Jokic Over 200k

Level 9: 400-800, 100 ante

Stjepan Jokic
We have a local boy in charge of proceedings. Stjepan Jokic has just moved over the 200k mark. We believe his fortune turned when he hit a straight against a set just before the break.

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03:54 PM, 02/21/13
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