World Poker Open

Dates Jan 21 - 25, 2007
Final Table Date Jan 25, 2007
Buy-In $10,000 + $300
Number of Entrants 294
Prize Pool $2,812,000

Tournament Details

In record setting action at the World Poker Tour's final table at Tunica's World Poker Open it took an astounding 92 hands and 4 blind levels to eliminate the first player! This determined field is a mixture of relative newcomers and seasoned veterans. It's like a fairy tale for amateur Young Cho to come to the final table as chip leader but nipping at his heels is the big, bad wolf - Daniel Negreanu - with a sizeable stack of his own and hungry for a WPT title. Semi-pros Kido Pham and Bryan Sumner have someone else dangerous to worry about, short-stacked pro JC Tran, would love to get out of hot water and into first place. What about fisherman Gary Kainer? He's having a whale of a time!

Seat 1: Gary Kainer - 514,000
Seat 2: JC Tran - 181,000
Seat 3: Bryan Sumner - 596,000
Seat 4: Kido Pham - 731,000
Seat 5: Young Cho - 2,571,000
Seat 6: Daniel Negreanu - 1,296,000

What a battle royale! Hand after hand of all-in action that bounced the chip leader position around like a rubber ball. The blind levels have increased to 40,000 and 80,000 and with a 10,000 ante, the field folds around to Young Cho who raises to 270,000 with a 9d-7s to take down the pot. Gary Kainer abandons his blind, but JC Tran has already invested 80,000 and makes the call. The flop is 10c-7h-3c and JC moves all in and having caught the middle pair, Cho can't call fast enough. The turn is the Kd putting JC in front with a strong top pair! But here in Mississippi the river is the strongest and the 9c comes washing Tran's plans down stream leaving him with a 6th place finish worth $142,810.

With blinds and antes totaling 255,000 this hand is a battle of little blind Bryan with a jh-9s and big blind Kido with a 8s-6c, who warns Bryan, "No matter what you do, I'm calling. Let's see a flop." Bryan raises to put Kido all in and Pham immediately calls. The flop reveals K-h3s-4s which helps neither player, but the turn has the 9c for Bryan Sumner. It clinches his win and the 6h on the river does nothing to help Kido who takes 5th place and $171,372 home.

The cost of playing goes up and Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu gets out of the way of Gary Kainer who goes all in with As-2h and he is called by Bryan Sumner who'd holding a wired pair of 9h-9c. The flop shows 10s-Qh-Jh and Gary has high hopes to hook a king making a larger straight. But his lifeline snaps when the turn is the 5s and the river 5c sends him reeling! Kainer is unable to net the big one, but he gets 4th place and $199, 934.

Daniel throws away 8h-3h and Bryan Sumner finds himself looking down at his second pair of pocket rockets in a row. He raises to 300,000 with his Ah-Ad and Young Cho looks down at 6d-3s and announces, "Raise." Then he chooses a horrible time for a stone bluff and says, "All in!" and pops out of his chair. Bryan calls as quickly as he can and Cho reels back with disbelief as he sees what he's up against. The flop has a lot of potential, 5s-2d-Jc and Young calls, "Quatro!" wanting to make his gutshot straight. The turn is the Qh and the river a useless Kh putting Young Cho out of business in 3rd place for $257,058.

The sky high blinds make the pot 210,000 before Daniel looks down at As-3d and goes all in. But Bryan has caught a pair of snowmen and even Kid Poker notices how fast Sumner calls with his 8d-8c. Daniel says he feels an ace coming, but it's an 8 at the door! After seeing the flop of 8h-5h-4c Negreanu calls for a deuce. The turn is the 3c and Daniel, thinking it's a deuce, nearly jumps out of his chair, but quickly sits down when he realizes his mistake. The Qs river card seals Daniels fate and he misses his three-peat by one and finishes 2nd with $502,691 in his pocket. The hard won World Poker Tour title and $939,486 goes to Bryan Sumner of Tennessee!

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