Adam Pliska Adam Pliska, President and CEO


A graduate of University of Southern California’s Film School and University of California Berkeley’s Law School, Boalt Hall, Adam has been with the World Poker Tour since 2003. As President, Adam oversees the entire WPT, from live events to online services to the televised broadcasts, and was named the American Poker Awards Industry Person of the Year for 2014.

David Polgreen David Polgreen, General Counsel


A graduate of St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland, and New York University School of Law, David has been with the World Poker Tour since 2014. As General Counsel, David is responsible for providing expert and strategic legal advice to all of WPT’s business units, as well as managing contract drafting and negotiation, regulatory compliance, strategic transactions and working with the executive team on business development ideas and opportunities.

Angelica Hael Angelica Hael, VP of Global Tour Management


A graduate of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Angelica has been with the World Poker Tour since 2010. As VP of Global Tour Management, Angelica oversees the overall management of WPT Tour and WPT-branded events.

Deborah Frazzetta Deborah Frazzetta, VP of Finance


A graduate of California State University Long Beach with a degree in Finance, Deborah has been with the World Poker Tour since 2003. As VP of Finance, Deborah is responsible for overseeing all financial operations and direct corporate financial planning and structure for the WPT.

Hermance Blum Hermance Blum, VP Marketing


A graduate of IUT Paris XII and Aspect Sydney School, Hermance Blum has been with the World Poker Tour since 2011. As General Manager of WPT Europe, Hermance oversees the overall management of the WPT National Tour and all WPT Main Tour events in Europe. 

Loc Sondheim Loc Sondheim, VP of WPT Studios


A graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Film and English, Loc was initially with the World Poker Tour in 2007, left for various TV and film studios, and made a return in 2017. As VP of Studios, Loc is the Executive-In-Charge of Production and oversees Distribution and Ad Sales— maximizing revenues and partnerships for 20 years of the World Poker Tour content across syndication and streaming networks.

Jeremy Clemons Jeremy Clemons, VP of Online Services


A graduate of Western Kentucky University and a 20-year iGaming industry leader, Jeremy has been with the World Poker Tour since 2019. As VP of Online Services, Jeremy is responsible for the development and growth of the World Poker Tour’s strategic online initiatives including ClubWPT, the company’s flagship subscription poker and social casino offering.

Warren Woodall Warren Woodall, VP of Partnerships


A graduate of Pepperdine University with a degree in Business, Warren has been with the World Poker Tour since 2011. As VP of Partnerships, Warren leads all partnership initiatives for WPT, including brand licensing, sponsorship, and new venture services.