25-Minute Dinner Break; Official Chip Counts

May 18, 2021

Chips & Branding

Level 36 comes to an end, and the players take a 25-minute dinner break. Here are the official chip counts from the table:

Brek Schutten  –  67,100,000  (67 bb)
Steven Snyder  –  32,200,000  (32 bb)

And here are the final table payouts:

1st:  $1,261,095*
2nd:  $899,295

3rd:  Viet Vo  –  $593,140
4th:  Sonny Franco  –  $438,500
5th:  Albert Calderon  –  $326,750
6th:  Ken Aldridge  –  $261,700

* First place usually includes the $15,000 seat into the WPT Tournament of Champions. However, due to the pandemic, the TOC will not take place this year. As such, the winner will receive the $15,000 as part of the first place amount in cash.

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