A 10 minute penalty

Apr 7, 2006

Sam Haddad raises 30k from the small blind; Shane Ashton fidgets in his seat as he pounders what to do. Suddenly he flips over pocket Fours, but he hasn’t folded. He just wanted to show the table what he has as he decides what to bet.

The table erupts as Haddad calls for the floor manager. The floor manager is about to give Ashton a 10 minute penalty when Ashton blurts “all-in, I’ll go all-in”!

Haddad quickly calls and shows pocket Aces.

The tables in a frenzy as the board shows blanks. Haddad doubles up to 160k as Ashton had him covered.

Ashton has to sit out the next 10 minutes.

Ashton hasn’t folded,

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