A Double for van Brugge

Apr 17, 2018

Onur Unsal raised it up and the player from one seat over three-bet to 1,800. Willem Eilert called on the button and Kees van Brugge in the big blind clicked it up to 6,500. Action folded back to Eilert, who checked van Brugge’s stack carefully before reraising to 12,000. What followed was a quick shove by van Brugge and an even quicker call by Eilert.

Kees van Brugge: Club ASpade K
Willem Eilert: Diamond 9Heart 9

On the Heart 10Heart 7Diamond 3 flop, the three-bettor said “damn, I had pocket sevens,” and the board completed with the Club 3 turn and the Heart K river to let van Brugge double for 20,050. Eilert had some 5,000 chips left and busted shortly after.

Kees van Brugge – 46,000

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