A Friendly Game of Poker

Feb 21, 2016

“Did you see that hand just now?” Andre Larosa asked as, as we walked past his table.

We didn’t see the hand, and Larosa explained what happened between him and chip leader Rob Forbes.

Larosa raised before the flop and Forbes re-raised from his left after which Larosa called. The flop came down jack-high, and Larosa bet 9,000, which was raised by Forbes to 20,000.

“I tanked, and tanked, and tanked,” Larosa said, “Before finally folding.”

Larosa showed he folded two queens, and Forbes played nice with him, showing two jacks.

Larosa – who still has about 200,000 chips in front of him – is one of the biggest stacks in the room, but things could’ve been a lot worse for him as Forbes sits on his left with 395,000.

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