A Good Start for Nitsche

Sep 5, 2014

WPT Champions Club member Dominik Nitsche travelled to Cyprus with his good friend Mickey Petersen, and lo and behold, the pair are sharing a table. Paul Tedeschi making it a triumvirate of excellent players sharing the same table space.

Here is a hand starring the former WPT Johannesburg champion.

Nitsche opens the action with a raise to 300, from under the gun, and there are two callers before the big blind three-bets to 900. Nitsche makes the call as do the other two players.

Flop: [Kh] [9h] [3s]

The action checks to the three-bettor who he pushes out a bet of 1,400, and both Nitsche and a player seated in early position make the call.

Turn: [5h]

This time the aggressor checks to Nitsche. The German looks at his cards, bets 6,000 and it’s good enough to take down a decent size pot.

Nitsche ~ 36,000

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