A Great Day To Play

Nov 10, 2014

We’re having a blast on Day 1B of the WPT-500 at Nottingham’s Dusk til Dawn club, three-time winner of the British Poker Awards Best Live Cardroom and a stunning place to play. 

There might not be a more relaxed cardroom out there either, as today has really been played with a friendly spirit and less intensity than yesterday.  Everyone is still desperate to get through to Day 2, however, and making a crucial decision just now was British pro Tamer Kamel. 

On a flop of [Td3dTc] 4d] he called the bet of 2,400 made by Trung Cheng Moc. The turn came [4d] and Moc bet out again, this time 3,700. Again Kamel called, leaving himself 7,300 behind. On the river of [Ac], Moc put his whole stack in, easily covering Tamer’s pile. 

"It smells like air.." said Tamer, giving Moc the stare-down. But Kael eventually elected to preserve his short-stack, and Moc confesses that he "got lucky on the river." 

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