Aaron Mermelstein Eliminated by Dennis Blieden

May 25, 2018

Aaron Mermelstein

On the final hand, on the final table, action starts with Gavin Smith opening with a raise from under the gun. Dennis Blieden calls next to act, as does Ryan Riess (pictured below) on the button, Aaron Mermelstein (pictured above) in the small blind, and Kevin Eyster in the big blind.

The flop lands Spade 7Spade 5Diamond 3 and the action checks to Smith who bets 9,000 before Blieden raises to 25,000. Riess calls on the button, and with the action on Mermelstein, he responds by check-raising all in for 139,200.

Eyster and Smith fold, but Blieden also shoves for roughly 400,000 to put Riess into the tank. Riess throws all his time extension buttons into the pot before he eventually decides on a fold.

Mermelstein: Diamond 5Club 5
Blieden: Diamond 7Heart 7

In a monster cooler for Mermelstein, he was at risk and drawing to one out to double, or running perfect-perfect just to chop the pot.

The turn lands the Heart 10, and with only one five left to save him, Mermelstein would see the Diamond A roll off on the river to end his run in the WPT Tournament of Champions on the final hand of the night.

Dennis Blieden – 593,000
Ryan Riess – 118,000
Aaron Mermelstein – Eliminated

Ryan Riess

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