Hand #3: Aaron Mermelstein vs. Albert Knafo

Apr 2, 2023

Aaron Mermelstein
Photo:  Two-Time WPT Champion Aaron Mermelstein

On the third hand of the money bubble, Aaron Mermelstein limps in from under the gun. Albert Knafo does the same on the button, and WPT Commentator/Champions Club member Tony Dunst checks in the big blind.

The flop is Club ASpade KClub 10, and action checks to Knafo who bets 17,000. Dunst calls, Mermelstein raises to 55,000, Knafo calls, and Dunst folds.

The turn is the Diamond 10, Mermelstein bets 40,000, and Knafo calls.

The river is the Spade 10, Mermelstein bets 70,000, and Knafo folds.

Aaron Mermelstein  –  315,000  (39 bb)
Albert Knafo  –  220,000  (28 bb)

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