Aaron Van Blarcum Picks Up Chips Through Robbi Jade Lew

Nov 26, 2022

Aaron Van Blarcum

Action folds to Mitchell Garshofsky on the button, and he opens to 800. Aaron Van Blarcum is in the small blind and calls. Robbi Jade Lew is in the big blind and calls to close the action.

The dealer spreads the Club 8Spade 6Heart 3, and Van Blarcum leads for 2,000. Lew calls and Garshofsky folds.

The turn Heart Q hits the felt, and Van Blarcum bets 4,000. Lew folds, and the WPT Champion Club member picks up the early pot.

Aaron Van Blarcum – 22,000 (73 bbs)
Robbi Jade Lew – 46,000 (153 bbs)
Mitchell Garshofsky – 59,000 (196 bbs)

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