Aaron Van Blarcum Triples Thru Christy Whitehurst and Oscar Blanco

Nov 27, 2021

Aaron Van Blarcum

Picking up the action on the turn with Aaron Van Blarcum already all-in and the board reading Club 8Heart 4Spade 6Spade 3, Christy Whitehurst checked, as did Oscar Blanco.

The river Club A completed the board and action checked through.

Whitehurst tabled Heart 8Heart 7 for top pair, Van Blarcum tabled Diamond 6Club 4 for two pair, and Blanco tabled Club 7Club 6 for just a pair of sixes to give Van Blarcum the pot and the triple up to just under starting stack.

Van Blarcum: 37,000 (74 bbs)
Whitehurst: 35,000 (70 bbs)
Blanco: 61,400 (123 bbs)

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