Abe Aboukhalil Is on a Rush

Aug 25, 2014

After a flop of [KcQsJc], a player in middle position is all in for 21,600 with [10c8c] (open ended straight draw with a club flush draw) against Abe Aboukhalil’s [10d9d] (king-high straight). 

The turn is the [7d], the river is the [10s], and Aboukhalil wins the pot with his king-high straight to eliminate the other player.

Abe Aboukhalil  –  78,000  (97 bb)

Earlier this level (about 40 minutes ago), Aboukhalil was down about 10,000 in chips (12 bb). But then he went on a bit of a rush, and now he is well above the average stack of about 62,000.

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