If you haven’t checked out WPT Academy, you really should. If you’re like me and years for little chunks of poker geekdom, if you want to learn from the mistakes pros make, if you want to see a final table in its entirety in the way we can’t show you on TV due to time constraints, Academy is the place.

A few kudos need to be handed out on Academy: To Shaunak Kashyad and his team, who did the web design and programming; Danger Dave Freed and Judd Nissen and Tony Berns, who did a lot of the filming for the project: James Ravell, who headed up the whole thing; Gavin Smith, Vanessa Russo, Kenna James and Evelyn Ng for carrying out their hosting duties with professionalism and character; the people like Joe Hsieh and David Wang who were charged with the project in its early stages; and ultimately, Lyle Berman and Steve Lipscomb, who concieved of the idea and ran with it respectively.

Academy is going to change a lot of the way we look at tournament coverage and poker’s recorded history. Go sign up while its free.

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