Aces Cracked for Jack Hardcastle

Jan 27, 2021

With Heart AClub A for Jack Hardcastle and Club JClub 10 for Rayan Chamas, a pot is going to be built one way or another, the question is how?

It starts with a min-raise to 2 million by Chamas and a 7.5 million 3-bet, which he calls.

The Diamond 4Diamond 7Club 8 flop gives a gutshot, overs and a flush draw for Chamas and he opts to go all in for 35 million after Hardcastle bets half pot.

The Spade 9 turn locks it up for Chamas with a straight and the Heart J completes the board. Things were looking bleak for Chamas not long ago, but all that has changed with little difference in the way of the two players’ stacks now.

Rayan Chamas – 85,396,776
Jack Hardcastle – 92,203,224

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