Aces On The Button For Pschar

Feb 27, 2016

Tom Pschar
The action folds around to Tom Pschar on the button and he raises to 1,200. The small blind reraises to 4,250 and the big blind folds. Pschar three bets to 11,200 and the small blind calls. Both players check the Club KClub 8Heart 10 flop. The turn brings the Diamond 3 and again both players check.

The Spade 8 completes the board and the small blind bets 7,500. Pschar makes the calls and his opponent announces “two queens.” Pschar shows Heart ADiamond A which is good to take the pot. “Why did you check to the river,” the player asks Pschar but gets no response. Pschar stacks his chips in silence and is now playing a stack of 82,000.

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