Adam Leon vs. Andrew Ostapchenko

Jan 10, 2020

Andrew Ostapchenko raises to 1,200 preflop from the button, and Adam Leon calls on the big bind before the flop is dealt Diamond ADiamond QSpade 8. Both players check to the Club 2 on the turn.

Leon bets 600, Ostapchenko calls, and the river delivers the Heart 7. Leon bets 1,200, and Ostapchenko thinks for a few moments before calling.

Leon flips over Club QSpade Q, and Ostapchenko folds his cards. Leon stacks up 70,000 after collecting the pot, and Ostapchenko is down to 66,500 after the hand.

Adam Leon – 70,000 (233 bb)
Andrew Ostapchenko – 66,500 (221 bb)

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