Adedapo Ajayi Pulls One with Sevens

Jul 23, 2021

Adedapo Ajayi opens to 1,600 from middle position Kenneth McKeown calls on the button, Jason Daly calls in the small blind and Katie Stone defends her big blind to see the Spade 5Club 4Heart 2 flop.

Ajayi bets 3,000 after action checks to him and McKeown calls. Daly dips out, Stone calls and the Diamond Q hits on the turn. Stone checks and Ajayi bets 6,500. Only McKeown calls to see the Club 8 river.

Both players check, Ajayi tables Heart 7Diamond 7 and McKeown throws his cards into the muck, shipping the pot to Ajayi.

Adedapo Ajayi – 35,300
Kenneth McKeown – 46,000
Katie Stone – 44,000

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