Albiston and Sillick Clash

Nov 10, 2014

 We’ve seen the former United players dabble with the opening levels, but now they are really getting involved, with former left-back par excellence Albiston taking on Neil Sillick with gusto. 

As Level 2 began, Sillick raises pre-flop from third position to 250, getting four calls, Albiston amongst them. The flop of  [Th3h4s] saw Albiston leads for 625, this time only Sillick calling, with position. On the turn of [As] Albiston leads for 1,050. Sillick calls, letting his gaze slowly move across Albiston’s body language, hunting for weakness.  On the river of [4h] Albiston repeats the bet of 1,050 and this time, Sillick puts in the raise to 3,550. Albiston quickly calls, and can’t help but turn over his [3s] [3c] for the rivered full house. Sillick takes the opportunity to much and Albiston rakes in a big pot. 

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