Alex Keating vs. Farid Jattin

Mar 1, 2016

Alex Keating

Farid Jattin raises from middle position to 31,000, and Alex Keating (pictured) calls from the cutoff. Both players check to the turn on a board of Club 9Club 4Heart 3Club Q, Jattin checks, Keating bets 40,000, and Jattin calls.

The river card is the Heart K, Jattin checks, Keating bets about 110,000, and Jattin calls with Spade KSpade 9 for two pair, kings and nines. But Keating turns over Club KSpade Q to win the pot with a higher two pair, kings and queens, to double up in chips.

Alex Keating  –  655,000  (55 bb)
Farid Jattin  –  450,000  (38 bb)

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