Alexander Nudin Wins a Controversial Pot; Vershanin Crippled

Sep 8, 2014

We join the noisy rail on a flop of [Jd] [9h] [2c] and chaos reigns. The Tournament Director has been called to the table after Nicolay Vershinin moved all-in out of turn.

The table told us that Vershanin led for 15,000, out of the blinds, Albert Daher raised to 35,000, and the action fell to Alexander Nudin, but before he could make a decision, Vershanin moved all-in hence the request for a TD to intervene.

The ruling was Vershanin’s all-in was binding and Nudin was allowed to make his decision. Nudin flatted, Vershanin’s all-in stood, and Daher folded – Nudin called.

“So sick that I have to fold aces.” Says Daher.


Nudin: [2s] [2h]
Vershanin: [Kd] [Jh]

Vershanin is in a world of hurt. The turn is the [8h], and the river is the [Kc].

“Wow! I would have lost on the river anyway.” Says Daher.

Vershanin is down to 25,000, Nudin is a real contender with 420,000 and Daher has 290,000.

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