Alexander Pateychuk Eliminated in 39th Place ($8,500)

Sep 8, 2014

Andrey Pateychuk The Day 1A chip leader has just followed the Day 1B chip leader out of the door marked ‘Exit.’

Champions Club member, Andrey Pateychuk, has been eliminated at the hands of Dimitris Ballas.

Pateychuk moves all-in for middle position, Dimitris Ballas, also shoves in the next seat and the rest of the table allow them to tango.


Ballas: [As] [Ac]
Pateychuk: [Ad] [Kd]

Board: [Jd] [Jh] [4h] [5s] [4d]

A cooler for our former WPT Prague champion, and quite remarkably, Ballas – who had just 4,000 chips a short while ago – now has 235,000.

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