Ali Eslami Bubbles in 55th Place

Aug 27, 2014

Action folds to Ali Eslami in the small blind and he raises to almost all-in for 88,000, leaving just 1,000 behind.  Reigning WPT World Champion Keven Stammen is in the big blind. He looks at his first card and says it isn’t a good one. Once he looks at the second card though, he tells Eslami, "I’ll probably call."

The cameras gather as Stammen deliberates.

"I know the whole poker room is rooting for me," Stammen says.

"I’m not," tablemate Shawn Pilot chimes in with a smile.

Stammen fakes indignation and asks, "You’re cheering for him?"

"No, I just don’t want to deal with you much longer," Pilot says.

Stammen calls, bringing a flop of [AsAd4d]. Eslami checks.

"That is a decent flop for me," Stammen tells Eslami. "I bet 1,000."

The table burst out laughing, btu Eslami doesn’t call right away. Instead, he starts thinking aloud:

"You looked at your first card and said it was bad, but then you saw your second card and decided to call. So, that isn’t good for me. But, maybe you paired your first card, in which case I am still drawing live."

Eslami elects to call, then the duo waits with their cards down until hands at all of the other tables have ended.  Once they have, Stammen reveals he has [Ac4h] and has flopped a full house. Eslami holds [KhJh].

The turn is the [2s] and the river is the [8h] and Eslami is eliminated in 55th place, bursting the money bubble and heading home empty-handed.

Keven Stammen – 215,000 (36 bb)
Ali Eslami – Eliminated in 55th place ($0)

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