Ali Imsirovic Check-Raises the River on Sebastiaan de Jonge

Jan 13, 2020

Ali Imsirovic raises to 20,000 in the cutoff and Sebastiaan de Jonge calls on the button.

The flop lands Spade 3Spade JDiamond 4 and Imsirovic checks. De Jonge bets 25,000, and Imsirovic calls as the Heart 8 checks through.

The river is the Diamond Q and Imsirovic checks a third time. De Jonge bets 55,000, and after using a time extension, Imsirovic announces a bet and pushes forward 223,000 leaving himself just 2,000 behind. De Jonge folds.

Ali Imsirovic – 395,000
Sebastiaan de Jonge – 805,000

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