Ali Imsirovic Doubles Thru Chance Kornuth

Jan 13, 2020

Ali Imsirovic Ali Imsirovic

Duey Duong raises to 25,000 preflop from the cutoff, Chance Kornuth calls on the button, and Ali Imsirovic (pictured) reraises all in for 220,000 from the big blind. Duong folds, Kornuth calls, and the two remaining players reveal their cards.

Imsirovic: Heart ASpade 8
Kornuth: Spade ASpade J

Board: Spade KClub 6Club 4Diamond 8Club 2

Imsirovic sucks out to a three-outer to double up and survive with 470,000. Kornuth is at 1.92 million after paying out the double.

Ali Imsirovic – 470,000 (39 bb)
Chance Kornuth – 1,920,000 (160 bb)

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