Allan Le Doubles Thru Bryce Yockey

Aug 24, 2014

Allan Le raises to 1,700 from middle position, Bryce Yockey calls from the cutoff, and Champions Club member Gavin Griffin calls on the button.  

The trio sees a flop of [9d8d3s] and Le checks.  Yockey bets 3,000, Griffin folds, and Le quickly check-raises all-in for 15,800.  Yockey calls, tabling [QsQc] for an overpair.

Le shows [9c9h] for top set, drawing a long sigh from Yockey.  The set of nines hold as the turn brings the [Kd] and the river the [5h], giving Le the pot and the double up.

Allan Le – 40,000
Bryce Yockey – 10,000

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