Allen Kessler Eliminated by Grant Lang

Nov 5, 2014

After telling the table that he plans to fold his way into the money (rather ambitious with a short stack so far from the Money Bubble), Allen Kessler moves all in under the gun for 14,000. Grant Lang (UTG+1) moves all in over the top, and everyone else folds.

Kessler shows [AsJd], but Lang turns over [AcAh]. Kessler needs to improve to stay alive.

The board comes [7h4c2s2cJh], and the pocket aces hold up for Lang to win the pot and eliminate Allen Kessler from the tournament.

Grant Lang  –  155,000  (193 bb)
Allen Kessler  –  Eliminated

Lang started the day with just 41,400 in chips, but he has gone on a hot streak during this first level, and is now up to about 185,000 (231 big blinds).

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