Allen Kessler Two-Outed by Myriam Mehnana

Nov 4, 2014

Myriam Mehnana 2
A player min-raises to 1,200, another player calls, and Myriam Mehnana (pictured above) reraises from the button to 4,000. Allen Kessler cold four-bets it from the big blind to 11,600, and the first two players who entered the pot both fold. Mehnana calls.

The flop comes [8c4h3d], Kessler bets 13,000, and Mehnana calls.

The turn card is the [7c], and Kessler moves all in for about 13,000 in chips. Mehnana calls with [JcJh] for an overpair, but Kessler turns over [AcAd] for a higher overpair. Kessler needs his hand to hold to stay alive.

The river card is — the [Js].

Mehnana wins the pot with a set of jacks to eliminate Allen Kessler from Day 1A.

Myriam Mehnana  –  88,500  (147 bb)
Allen Kessler  –  Eliminated

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