Allen Pock Shoves Against Larry Greenberg

May 3, 2018

Allen Pock

Larry Greenberg (pictured below) raises from the hijack, Allen Pock (pictured above) calls from the cutoff, and Paul Kuzmich calls from the big blind.

The flop comes down Club 5Spade 4Spade 3, Kuzmich checks, Greenberg bets 5,500, Pock raises to 20,000, Kuzmich folds, and Greenberg calls.

The turn is the Heart K, Greenberg leads for 35,000, and Pock raises all in for 158,100. Greenberg uses one of his Time Chips before he folds.

Pock shows Diamond 7Spade 6 for a straight as he collects the pot.

Allen Pock – 250,000
Larry Greenberg – 195,000

Larry Greenberg

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