Allyn Shulman Out on 47th Place ($8,630)

Aug 27, 2014

Richard Munro raises to 21,000, Harut Arutyunyan calls from the cutoff, and Allyn Shulman moves all-in from the butotn for an additional 68,000. Both Munro and Arutyunyan call.

"Yeah baby," Shulman tells the table, seemingly happy to have two callers.

The two players check the [Jh5c2c] flop and check again when the turn brings the [Kh].  The river is the [Qs] and Munro bets 75,000. Arutyunyan folds.

Munro tables [Ac10c] for a Broadway straight, prompting Shulman to say, "oh no," as she turns over [AhQd] for a pair of queens. Munro takes the pot and Shulman is eliminated.

Richard Munro – 1,330,000 (166 bb)
Allyn Shulman – Eliminated in 47th place ($8,630)

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