Allyn Shulman vs. Anthony Zinno

Nov 5, 2014

Allyn Shulman
After a flop of [KcQc4s], WPT Champions Club Anthony Zinno bets 3,000 from the hijack, Allyn Shulman (pictured) raises from the cutoff to 6,500, and Zinno calls.

The turn card is the [2c], Zinno bets 12,000, and Shulman calls.

The river card pairs the board with the [4d], Zinno bets 25,000, and Shulman calls. Zinno shows [Ac10h] for a missed straight draw and a missed flush draw (ace high), and Shulman turns over [QhJh] to win the pot with a pair of queens.

Allyn Shulman  –  153,000  (153 bb)
Anthony Zinno  –  80,000  (80 bb)

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