Amir Lehavot Doubles Thru Ubaid Habib

Apr 14, 2017

Amir Lehavot
Ubaid Habib raises to 9,000 preflop from middle position, and Amir Lehavot reraises to 26,000 on the cutoff. Habib reraises all in, and Lehavot calls all in for 108,600. The two players then table their cards.

Lehavot: Heart 10Club 10
Habib: Club ASpade K

Board: Club QDiamond 4Club 2Heart 5Heart 8

Lehavot wins the hand to double up and survive with 224,000, and Habib is down to 91,500 after paying out the double.

Amir Lehavot – 224,000 (93 bb)
Ubaid Habib – 91,500 (38 bb)

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