Amir Lehavot Triples Up with Kings

Mar 7, 2020

A player limps under the gun for 500, a middle-position player moves all in for 8,600, and Amir Lehavot calls all in from the hijack for exactly 7,000. The UTG player calls, covering both players with a little less than 20K in his stack.

Here are their cards in descending order of chips:

UTG:  Club ADiamond J
Middle Position:  Diamond 3Club 3
Amir Lehavot:  Spade KDiamond K

The board comes Club KClub 5Spade 5Heart 5Spade 2, and Lehavot flops a full house, kings full of fives, to win the main pot and triple up to 22,300. The middle-position player wins a small side pot with a smaller full house, fives full of threes, to stay alive with 3,200 in chips.

Amir Lehavot  –  22,300  (45 bb)

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