Andersson and Chati Double Through Alvarado

Apr 18, 2018

A full board of Club 9Diamond 10Club AClub 7Spade A was spread between JC Alvarado and Fredrik Andersson. Alvarado was first to act and bet 16,000 into a pot of around 25,000. Andersson raised all in for 53,500 and Alvarado snap-called.

Alvarado turned over Spade 10Heart 10 for a full house, tens full of aces, but Andersson held Diamond ADiamond 9 for a larger full house, aces full of nines.

Fredrik Andersson – 130,000
JC Alvarado – 13,000

A short while later, Farid Chati moved all in from the small blind and Alvarado said “Gamble!” as he called.

Farid Chati: Club QClub 5
JC Alvarado: Club JSpade 7

The board came Club 10Spade 5Heart 10Spade 8Club 6 and Alvarado was down to around 5,000

Farid Chati – 15,000
JC Alvarado – 5,000

The very next hand Alvarado got Diamond QHeart 3 in from the small blind against Andersson holding Club 10Spade 6 in the big blind. Alvarado secured the double with the Heart JHeart 4Heart 2Diamond 3Spade 3 runout.

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