Andersson Forces Warburton To Lay Down the Ladies

May 15, 2015

Jason Wheeler opens to 52,000 in first position, Fredrik Andersson calls in the next seat, Pim van Riet calls in the hijack and Steve Warburton also calls in the big blind.

Flop: 5heart 4spade 4diamond

The action checks to Andersson, who bets 87,000, and both Van Riet and Warburton make the call.

Turn: Theart

Warburton checks, Andersson bets 176,000, Van Riet folds, and after a minute in the tank Warburton also folds, and shows pocket queens face up.

“I also had an over pair.” Says Van Riet.

“Nice fold.” says Andersson, “You already have enough chips.”

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